DJ Inez

Location: Livermore, California
Format: Open

A Bay Area native, Marina Aragon, better known as DJ Inez, was introduced to music and turntables at a young age. She was inspired after she saw her uncle DJ JoeCruz make mixtapes and play at parties. As a child being exposed to house music and Latin music allowed her to gain a special appreciation for music.

In 1999, just for a hobby, DJ Inez purchased her first set of turntables. As the DJ technology advanced so did DJ Inez. She purchased a pair of CDJ’s and then advanced to a Dj controller. After her first DJ gig, she loved how the crowd responded and never looked back. She started out playing at several house parties, weddings and corporate events.

Since she grew up around a lot of diversity it allowed her to gain exposure to all types of music. DJ Inez has always been open to playing anything from Top 40, Hip-Hop, House, Reggaeton, Disco, R&B, Salsa, Merengue, Rock and Country. There is nothing that she won’t play for her audience. She is a mobile DJ and has now been playing at several clubs throughout the Bay Area. She is committed to maintaining professionalism and commitment for each DJ set. Mixing all genres is a passion she loves to do.

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