DJ Kivz

It all started in the year of 2011 at Lyman High School for the Puertorican Scholar, at the age of 17, in the Student courtyard during lunch when Dj Kivz “The Natural” Decided to go after a dream that was waiting to be chased. Each and every Fridays during lunch Dj Kivz would skip lunch just to play music and create this positive vibe that music had to offer for his fellow classmates and the rest of the teacher staff. This is where his journey began.

Victor Ortiz Jr was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts on June 26 of 1993. At the age of 12, Dj Kivz and his family moved to Sanford Fl, a small town out of Orlando Fl. 5 years later this is when he began his Legacy. The Legacy goes back to his father, Victor Ortiz Sr., who started the foundation of music in the Ortiz family in the 80’s and has still been carried on and pursued by his relatives as well.

A lot of people ask where the name “Kivz” came from. What does it mean? Its simply “Vik” spelled backwards to symbolize the name Victor, with a “Z” added at the end for flavor

Dj Kivz, coming out of Orlando Fl, has Established himself as a Hip-Hop/Reggaeton Dj but can dj EVERY genre at a Professional level. From Cyclone Night Club in sanford Fl to Vain Night Club in Orlando, Dj Kivz has dj’ed through out all of Florida.
Clubs Dj’ed at:
Vain Night Club
Gilt Night Club aka Roxy Night Club
23 Night Club
Parallel Night Club
Epic Night Club
Rachels Gentlemens Club
Draft Night Club
And many more through out the state of Florida

Dj Kivz The Natural is affiliated with and sponsored by:
La Mezcla: out of Florida
La Mezcla Radio on Tune In Radio
DHD (DisappointingHatersDaily) out of Waterbury, Connecticut
Live Fusions Entertainment (for corporate events such as weddings, sweet 16’s etc.) out of Orlando Fl
The Florida Boyz: out of Orlando Fl

Information For Bookings and Business Inquiries:

Email Address:

Phone Number:

Social Media:
Instagram- DjKivzFl.LMC
Facebook: Victor DjKivz Ortiz

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