DJ Luain Gifts Ric Flair a Plaque for Chambea at his 70th Birthday

This past weekend Reggaeton & Latin Trap DJ DJ Luian celebrated wrestling legend Ric Flairs 70th Birthday. If you follow Luian on social media then you will know his a huge wrestling fan. Luian has made many friends and attended many wrestling events over the past couple of years. Many of us can remember Ric Flair taking part in the Chambea music video. Flair is no stranger to music his name, career and style have all been used from Hip Hop to Reggaeton. So for Ric’s 70th birthday Luian presented Ric with a plaque for his role in Chambea. Chambea was a major hit bringing in over 257 Million Views on YouTube and with similar numbers on Spotiy and Apple Music. Let us know what you think of this gift from Luian to Ric.

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