Location: Tampa
Format: Open

Since the age of fourteen years old DJing sparked the interest of DJ Nemeses. His first experience of that was seeing his friend DJing at a local skating rink. At the age of fifteen DJ Nemeses began to DJ at his local Recreation Park. While crafting his DJ Skills at the Recreation Park, he began to sharpen his skills and build a local buzz in his community. While seeing the big names of that time of Funkmaster Flex, DJ Clue, Kid Capri, just to name a few; DJ Nemeses was hungry for more experience of djing. It was now time to move forward with his next goals of owning his own equipment and expanding his fan base.

At the age of eighteen DJ Nemeses purchased his first decks, taught himself how to match beats and cut records while applying his own signature styles. After all the hard work, practices and perfecting his DJing craft; he was rewarded his first gig ât the age of nineteen. After concluding his first event, he knew it was his calling and he could only move upwards from now on. His first club even came along side DJ Carlos Rafael; he was taught Tropical/Latin music and how to mix those type of music with Hip-Hop, R & B and other genres to expand his style and skills.

As time progress, DJ Nemeses not only worked on perfecting his DJ skill, expanding his fan base and perfecting his promotional skills. All of which has enabled him to DJ at clubs in Tampa; such as Aja, Green Iguana, Whiskey North, and Vanity to name a few. DJ nemeses also had the opportunity to spin on 88.5 FM with Tony Mantana and DJ Lynce. DJ Nemeses then started to host and create his own mixtapes. After creating a buzz off his mixtapes, he expanded his horizons and started working with promotional teams who provided him with gigs. After that DJ Nemeses then was giving the opportunity to work at some concerts such as Arcangel, Sir Speedy, Jowell y Randy, and Ozuna to name a few.

DJ Nemeses is currently working on expanding his brand across the US and around the world, winning Independent awards and building his viral presence among other things. DJ Nemeses is now available for mixtape and club djing, as well as personal and corporate events.

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