DJ Netics Speaks About Miss Universe 2015

Miss Universe Pageant

Unless you live under a rock and you have no interest in social media or own any social media accounts, more than likely you have seen or heard about the incident that occurred in Miss Universe 2015 and the blooper from the host of the night (Steve Harvey) while announcing the 2nd runner up, 1st runner up and crowning the new Miss Universe. This event (Miss Universe 2015) is broadcasted world wide in many different languages. Let me summarize it just in case you have no clue about the events that occurred (events… yes meaning more than one mistake happened). Steve Harvey, not only crowned the wrong contestant but also misspelled Philippines and Colombia through an apology tweet from his personal account.

Being a Dj and being very active in all my social media accounts (which by the way you should follow @deejaynetics) I got to see how this incident went viral through all the social media tools you can imagine. Memes were being created and posted, parody music videos, photo montages and he even got confused with famous Salsa singer Oscar De Leon. But in my personal opinion, i feel like YES, It was very embarrassing not only for Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines as well as Steve Harvey, and people were going to make fun of what happened and it was going to go viral, and it is all fun and games until someone takes it too far. I came across some tweets directed towards Steve Harvey that were overboard and uncalled for. Racist tweets and post, wishing death upon him, calling him names and this is just to name a few. I believe there is a balance to everything, and the scale of how much importance people gave this Event and to the scale that people were upset over Steve Harvey’s mistake was outrageous. Not to mention Steve Harvey did fix his misspellings and formally apologized through the press conference after Miss Universe finalized and through his Twitter account. Moral of the story… it’s all fun and games until u cross the line and take things too serious. Until Miss Universe 2016 (and from the looks of it.. yes… Steve Harvey will be hosting it)
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