DJ Romo

Romy Burgos Ortiz’s Love of music started around the very young age of 4. His mother and family who loved Tipico,a fast tempo merengue country-style,  from their Hometown” Mao”in the Dominican Republic,  taught young Romo to dance Tipico and all genres. Whether it was Bachata or Merengue young Romo was excited when mentioned an upcoming Basement party or any party at that where his Uncle Kennedy was present. His Uncle would offer him $100 cash if he were to dance with all the Ladies of all ages which without a doubt, young Romo did! Later on throughout the years he was curious to hear different music and mixing them by burning CDs and collecting albums. Thats when later in the year 2003 his stepfather saw Young Romo’s love for music and out of heart bought him his first DJ System; Stand with Mixers, Dual CDs, an AMP &, speakers. Thrilled everyday, young Romo would try to sound like  other blends that he heard on the radio.Believe it or not, he was only about 16 years old in this time period. Each and every possible minute that he can he practice, he practiced hard which improved his Blending skills. He later in 2007 was Blessed by god with his First Son Anthony and paused Djing for a while to Become a Provider for his Family! Throughout that time he met His longtime friends “KOB”(Emil Pozo) & “DJ Tanke”(Bryant Camara) who knew him as Romy Romo Miami Nightclub Promoter as well. All the time Throughout the years as he was promoting hence the name DJ Romo, as he loved to drink. DJ Tanke introduced him to mixing software, Serato which was news to him mixing on computers was hard but just like before he practice, and practiced and he was at it again. Although he is not up to the level of the top Djs & Remixers, he still works hard on Making the hottest mixes for Again a parent with Second son Giovanni, This time DJ Romoo Plans to take his Dj Career to another level in hopes in the near future of becoming a Radio Personality/Radio Mixer . He a has a bright path leading him to his success in the top-notch Disc Jockey industry & Night Venues.

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