DJ Spinnaz Q&A

Q: You have gone from Promoter, to Deejay, to Producer and sometimes even artist. What is some advice you can share with our fans of the challenges you have faced?

A: I have learned that each job has different challenges and you can not just say you do something, you need to actually do it and be good at it before you give yourself a title so that you alway keep a good reputation and longevity in entertainment.

Q: You have worked with many of todays top artist, who has been your favorite to work with and can you share a funny story of something that happened behind the senses?

A: A really cool story is one time in Miami i was DJing at few spots so i decided to stay a week and crash at a good friend of mines house EQ the Equalizer “Anuel’s audio engineer” And we stayed in the studios for like 72 hours straight and the last day i was going to call it quits and get some sleep, but ended up staying and ended up at the recording session for the remix of “Escapate Conmigo” and hung out with Arcangel DJ Luian, Wisin, Nejo, Bryant Myers all in one studio session that night.

Q: Industry changes by the minute, who are some new artist that you have meet or worked with that you believe will make it big in the urban genre?

A: I believe in a lot of people that I know are talented and have what it takes and don’t want to leave anybody out but i believe the next wave of artists include Catalyna, Brray, Kapuchino, Tivi Gunz, Jeycyn El Trapero Ciego, Antom Doble X y Bebo and a few more.

Q: For a Deejay or Producer many have large goals such as a hit record or Deejaying live in front of 30k people and even opening for a top artist. What are some of your goals that you have planned and what are some goals that you have already accomplished?

A: My goal is to be the name behind songs that become anthems and hits that last forever. I don’t just want to be a DJ and drop a few songs i want to be just as successful as DJ Luian, DJ Snake, DJ Khaled etc.

Q: While working in the studio or thinking of new mixes, what type of music do you listen to that helps you focus or inspires you while in production mode?

A: I always try to make the next song bigger and better so I always look for the biggest and most relevant songs of the genre. I take what I am about to work on and try to get that same quality or better but produce something completely different but just as flavorful.

Q: Can you share with us a regret or a moment in time you wish you could have changed or relived?

A: A regret that I think I have is maybe being too humble. I feel like this is the era of being loud and flossing what you want to be heard and getting into that character is something that i regret not doing earlier in my career.

Q: Free time is something that is super rare for many of us in the industry. What are somethings that you do on your free time and how do you free your mind?

A: When I find free time for myself I enjoy going to the parks to jog and get away from technology for a lil bit. I also binge watching all the series that are relevant at the moment as a musician and producer I never stop getting ideas so I just try not to forget to write down any ideas I come up with even if I am trying to enjoy free time.

Q: What are some new projects that you are working on or that you can share with us that will be released in the next couple of months?

A: In the next couple months I have plans to drops a few singles including the remix of Swaggy which includes Antom, Ele A El Dominio, Tivi Gunz, Jeycyn El Trapero Ciego, Kapuchino, And Liro 100. I also have a single called “Como Eh” which includes Bori Q and Randy Nota Loka.

Q: Is there any advice you can share with our followers that are trying to take a similar path of you did when entering the industry?

A: The best advice I have is to be patient and never give up on your dream. Sometimes we as musicians and artist try not to take things so personal, and in the music world we can not be in our feelings cause you never know who’s will be on top tomorrow. Keeping a good relationship with all peers and having respect for everyone decisions is always very important. When keeping good relationships with people in the music and entertainment industry

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