Does Don Omar respond to Daddy Yankee’s tiraera?

A week after Daddy Yankee‘s new album came out, where he has a very direct hint for Don Omar, the latter seems to have responded in a very subtle way.

In the song “El abuser del abuser” that contains salsa rhythms mixed with reggaeton, Daddy Yankee has a phrase where he seems to respond to a “tiraera” that Don Omar dedicated to him many years ago.

“Old man, apply your own advice that I do not reflect myself in the mirror of any asshole,” says Daddy Yankee in the new song.

While Don Omar‘s line in the tiraera that he dedicated to Daddy Yankee in the early 2000s said: “I won’t let myself, I’m already a big asshole, look in my mirror to see if you see the reflection of some old man” .

But this is not the only line that would be dedicated to Don Omar, since in the song: “Uno take off and another put on”, he again makes a possible reference to the Puerto Rican artist.

“People say Yankee, don’t go, you’re a crack, imagine these times me and making a comeback,” says Daddy Yankee in the song.

In the past few months, Don Omar has been working on his career comeback, releasing several singles to rejoin the music industry.

Daddy Yankee and Don Omar had fights in the past due to the competition to be number one in the urban genre.

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