Don Omar, considered the ‘King of reggaeton’, was honest in an exclusive interview with television presenter Don Francisco, where the Puerto Rican singer showed his most human side.

Although the full interview has not been released to the public, the brief summary revealed one of the most difficult facets that the renowned interpreter of ‘Danza Kuduro’ had to go through.

As the presenter Don Francisco shared on his Instagram account, the Puerto Rican told in the interview “what his life was like before he became the great music icon he is today. Their experiences and learnings.

In the short video, the presenter asked him what he lived on before, to which the singer answered without any hesitation.

“I lived by selling drugs. That was my job, 14 or 15 years. I worked inside a drug point, I sold drugs. He did an 8-hour shift every day,” the singer confessed.

The presenter continued asking if apart from selling drugs, he also consumed them.

“And you were drugged?” Don Francisco asked.

“All day,” replied Don Omar.

“And also drunk? “, the presenter asked again.

“All night,” said the Puerto Rican singer.

Then, he gives some details of an event that changed his life, it was the murder of two friends who were also dedicated to selling drugs, at that moment Don Omar turned to God.

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