El Conejo Malo is VMA’s Artist of the Year!!!!

Relaxed and without much effort, the urban performer Bad Bunny knew how to establish in the first of his two concerts at Yankee Stadium the frenzy that his presence provokes before a crowd that awaits him with eagerness and devotion.

“Benedict! Benedict! Benedict!” It was the slogan for a crowd that gathered fans of numerous nationalities at the emblematic New York venue: Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and his native Puerto Rico, among many countries.

Dressed in white, the protagonist of the evening appeared at 9:00 at night with the Moscow Mule theme, to light up the party that would last three hours as part of his World’s Hottest Tour. Immediately, the euphoria took over the space with capacity for about 54,000 people, intended for sporting events, and where Bad Bunny, with his shows, became the first Latin performer to perform so far this year.

“Thank you for being here, from the bottom of my heart… the damn Yankee Stadium,” greeted Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, who in July was named the most listened to artist in the world at this time, according to the analysis of the Pop Star Power Ranking by Bloomberg .

“Today is definitely a special day. I am glad to see all of you here. Thank you, from the start, thank you for being here tonight. You are the most important part of this show and all I want is for you to enjoy, to forget about everything that is happening, about anything that is happening in your life, no matter how big it is, “he insisted.

Palm trees and artificial rocks, with a floor that simulated sand, were part of the scenery that included coolers and beach chairs with the purpose of evoking the heat of summer, inspired by his album A Summer Without You, which he released in May. The entourage of dancers paid for this purpose with casual beach clothing. In turn, two giant side screens showed the artist, and one in the background mainly projected visuals related to each theme.


“Remember that this is not just any concert, this is not just any concert, this is the coolest party… there can be right now,” said the Bad Rabbit. “I want you to have a good time tonight, jump, sweat, dance, twerk all night, without fear,” he continued serenely, interrupted by the shouting of the public.

There wasn’t a single song that his fans didn’t sing along to, or for which he didn’t scream just by hearing the first chords. The joy was present in the thousands of enthusiastic faces to accompany him to sing any of the songs from the repertoire that included songs from each of his four studio albums: X 100pre, YHLQMDLG, The last tour of the world and A summer without you. The denunciation of the harassment of Yo perreo sola, the hopeful verses of Somos bien, the flirtation of Effect, Neverita, Party and 200 mph, and the heartbreak of Yonaguni and I see your mother were just a sample of what they enjoyed reciting.

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