El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

El Gran Combo or El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico is a Puerto Rican Salsa music orchestra in Puerto Rico which will celebrate its 55th anniversary this year 2017. They are considered the most successful in Salsa music of all time not only in Puerto but also in all over the world. They are also the most popular Salsa group that has still remained.

El Gran Combo was founded in 1962 by Rafael Ithier who was the musical director of the group later. Until now, the group has released over 60 studio albums. Thanks to their devotion, they have got the title of honor from La Universidad de la Salsa.

At the first time of inception, there were 40 members including 26 main players – 7 singers, 9 percussion, 3 bass, 7 brass section and 14 people assistants.

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