Once every generation does a talent so pure and raw grace the musical landscape combining soul, voice, songwriting and style into an artistic canvas, a force driven through lyric and music that can afflict emotion and impact our senses.  Farina is one of these rare artists who through her poetic songwriting, edgy command of storytelling, ability to sing and rap while flawlessly weaving dancehall, reggae, reggaetón, trap, rap, pop and folklore genres with the sensibility and vulnerability of a woman’s perspective giving life to her persona “La Nena Fina”. Born in Medellin, Colombia, a country that has produced some of the brightest stars to come out of Latin America, Farina, which in Arabic means “unique” and Pao (her surname) the Chinese meaning for “wraparound”, refers to her maternal and paternal ancestry and a diverse combination of cultures and heritage that are at the core of her artistry. Coming from a long line of composers and singers, music has been inherited since birth from family. Her eclectic heritage of Caribbean, Arabic, Chinese and Andean descendants not only has attributed to her physical features but also is a distinct influence on her sound and style setting her apart from many of her contemporaries.

2017 has been a musical “rebirth” for Farina with the worldwide release of her single, “Mejor Que Yo” produced by genre hitmakers A&X- Alcove r & Xtassy.  She was also one of three artists nominated for the Artist of Tomorrow campaign in conjunction with the 59th GRAMMY Awards and CBS.com.  She was the only Latin artist to participate in the program.

2005 was the year Farina’s “musical birth” where she debuted on national television participating on the reality talent show “Factor X” (Colombia), finishing third place, amongst the more than 45,000 applicants.  Farina’s performances garnered her national attention, as she became the first female artist to dominate the Latin Urban genre in her native Colombia.

Her debut album, “Yo Soy Farina”, was released the following year with many of the songs predominately featuring her greatest musical influence, dancehall.  Produced by Jacob Bush and Billy Francis the album helped to establish Farina’s dominant feminist persona.  In 2009, she released “Hasta El Final”, a romantic song that fuses R&B and dance hall. Around the same time, she devoted herself to collaborating with other artists on the island of San Andres; a place she considers her second home.

Farina debuted as an actress in the telenovela, Tres Milagros the most-watched series of 2011 in Colombia. The successful production also aired in Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, Dominican Republic and the U.S. introducing Farina to international audiences and broadening her appeal. For her starring role as Milagros “Nikita” Cruz she received two nominations for the prestigious TVyNovelas Awards in Colombia “Best Actress” and “Revelation of the Year” for her outstanding performance in the series.  The character and her interpretation became iconic entering pop culture with the reality series show “Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele” using one of her scenes as a final challenge for contestants.

In 2012, Farina released digitally second album, “Del Odio Al Amor”, a compilation of 12 songs all composed by her and produced by DJ Largo.  The album featured collaborations with artists such as Rayo & Toby and Pipe Calderon. Renowned producer, José Gaviria and Fernando Tobon (Toby), were also part of the production.  “Soñar nocuesta nada”, “Money”, “Entre la espada y la pared” and the international hit, “Pongan Atención” were all included on the album and helped to solidify her fan base.

In 2013, she was honored as the “Best Colombian Artist” at the Mi Gente TV Awards, where she also performed “Acido” feat. Rayo & Toby.  Thanks to the worldwide acceptance of her hits “Pum Pum” featuring Ñengo Flow and “Jala Jala” with J Alvarez, Farina has been positioned as one of the most important new urban artists in Latin music earning the respect from her colleagues in the male dominated genre.  Her videos have accumulated over 100 million views combined and have become popular fixtures on HTV among others.

With her number of followers, daily views of her music videos and visits to social networks surging, Farina has become an inspiration and role model among young girls across all of Latin America. Farina developed her own apparel line, which launched in May of 2014. Emulating her own fashion style and tastes her inspired hats, caps, t-shirts and hoodies, all featuring her trademark logo tacones (High Heel Shoe) became very popular in Colombia further developing her brand.

Farina is currently recording a brand new album, Mejor Que Yo with her eyes set on the international market. She has been in the studio working alongside her mentor, musical godfather, legendary GRAMMY® Award winning megastar Wyclef Jean (Shakira, Fugees, Santana & Whitney Houston).  Acknowledging her unique artistic talents, Wyclef has taken her under his wing producing several tracks for her upcoming release helping to bring out her musical essence working on such jems as “Cassanova”, “Rub a Dub” and the folkloric “Aguacero” a tribute to her native Colombia and aunt Toto La Momposina (Queen of Colombian Folklore and Latin GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement winner). Wyclef so intrigued with their work in the studio invited her to appear on the Spanglish Remix of his song, “Hendrix” and included her on his new EP J’ouvert on the song “Party Started” introducing Farina to new markets.

In what is sure to be a very dynamic masterpiece Farina has also recorded songs with GRAMMY® Award winning producers Echo and A&X (Al Cover) who have been behind some of the biggest worldwide urban anthems this decade including “Gasolina” (Daddy Yankee) and “Danza Kuduro” (Don Omar).  Staying true to her hardcore roots Farina recorded a duet with Puerto Rican trap star Bryant Myers on the trap infused song, “Si Ellos Supieran”.

Farina “La Nena Fina” who in a short period of time has become a triple-threat, dominating music, television and fashion is poised to move into the biggest phase yet of her career. With talent, charisma and youthfulness she is set to become the next Latina global superstar.

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