Iconic Concert in Miami turns into a Religious Experience

Puerto Rican urban music singer Farruko apologized for the lyrics of some of his songs and proclaimed his religious conversion, during a surprising preaching at a concert that aroused controversy on social networks this Saturday.

“I did not know the message that I was saying in my songs (…) I am not proud of that,” said the artist during his performance last night at the FTX Arena in Miami, which many Internet users today compared to “a mass.” .

During the concert, he played his famous song “Pepas” (2021), which talks about drug use to enjoy the night at the clubs, but Farruko did not sing the lyrics.

“God knows how many of his children I have hurt. And today I stand up like a man to tell them to forgive me as a human being because love begins with forgiveness, “he said, according to the video released by music entrepreneur José” Pompi “Vallejo, of Mr & Mrs Entertainment.
The artist also made comments such as “we are all sinners, the Bible says so” or that “God is good”, while he confirmed his religious conversion.

“Today I can say that God is dealing with me,” he stressed.

According to comments on social networks, some of those attending the concert left during this preaching, while others expressed their criticism on this day.

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“I was going to hesitate at a reggaeton concert and I received a sermon. $250 to go to pastor Farruko’s mass, ”wrote one of the viewers on his Twitter account.

Another Internet user commented: “The only good thing about this Farruko concert was that I don’t have to go to church on Sunday.”

Carlos Efrén Reyes Rosado, artistically known as Farruko, has collaborated with the main exponents of urban music, including Daddy Yankee, and is now on tour with his latest album “La 167”.

Despite his song lyrics and his lifestyle, most Puerto Rican urban music singers continually proclaim their deep belief in God.

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