Farruko: “God gave me the gift of music to be light in the midst of darkness”

Farruko’s career and life took a 180 degree turn after his conversion to Christianity. A turning point for the Puerto Rican artist who continues to release music but with a very different message than his past songs. And a new proof of this change is “Luz“, his first collaboration with the Panamanian Akim.

Reaffirming the spiritual change he has experienced and that has led him to turn his musical career around, the singer wrote on Instagram: “I love doing it differently from everyone else. We are going to change the system, I am not good at being the same as the rest. I was born to be different, that’s why God gave me the gift of music, to be light in the midst of darkness“.

And with the intention of illuminating the path of others, “Luz” was born, which has a catchy rhythm with the electronic sounds that characterize many of Farruko’s latest songs. However, far from talking about parties and fun, with this song, the two singers want to send a positive and hopeful message for the future. The light will shine for everyone, is what the two artists come to say.

The sun always rises for everyone, and life is gone in a second. And as dark as it is, the light comes,” they sing in the chorus.

Throughout the song, which is part of the latest album by the Panamanian Haters and Fans, the Puerto Rican artist also sings about his rebirth and how he felt “broken, alone and empty” in the past.

I clung to the rumba, to the disco to be able to forget that I was broken, alone and empty and I went to disobey myself,” sings the Puerto Rican, who also says: “I have no friends, my friend is Christ and nothing surprised“.

Other songs such as “Nazareno” or “Carta de un padre” are part of this new musical stage for Farruko, which began this year, a song he released for Father’s Day and in which he asked his children for forgiveness.

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