Farruko is Criticized for being surrounded by women in a nightclub

Farruko has made public his interest and dedication to his religious transformation, for which the Puerto Rican was criticized on the networks for being “seen” in a nightclub, accompanied by women.

Fans and followers of Farruko were shocked to learn that the reggaeton player would convert him to Christianity. The Puerto Rican apologized to God and his audience for inciting excesses in his songs. Later, the artist stated that his new songs would have messages that exalt God.

For this reason, the singer has given much to talk about and in recent days he has been pointed out by some Internet users, who have seen the interpreter of ‘Diles‘, surrounded by women, drinks and things that many consider “Mundane“.

The comments have bounced Farruko’s social networks, and the fans have not been long in coming. People have criticized the artist, arguing that he only takes advantage of his networks to show a “spiritual change” and then hide that he really continues in “sin”.

Farruko a few days ago, made official the release of his first single called ‘Nazareno‘. The premiere quickly climbs the musical trends.

The musical success contains rhythms similar to ‘Pepas‘, in addition the song refers to the parties, the drugs and the excesses that accompany fame, as well as the hypocrisy of people who are only in the good times and the party.

Farruko wanted to allude that fame is ephemeral and that happiness was found in God. “I was in a hesitation, I was in a hesitation, oh, God! When I had the most fun and began to hesitate, envy surrounds you and also hypocrisy. You have all eyes on you.”

Farruko’s controversial attendance at a nightclub was nothing more and nothing less than the recording of the video for ‘Nazarene‘. In the clip you can see that the artist smokes and consumes alcohol in a striptease club, as time progresses, the interpreter’s experience begins to be different, because the women who accompany him become vampires , until the singer meets the “Nazarene” and decides to move away.

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