Gabriella Bobe LaMezcla Mami

Q: What is your alias or the name you like to be called by?
A: My name is Gabriella but most people call me Gabby

Q: What is your nationality?
A: Puerto Rican 🙂

Q: Do you consider yourself a freak in the sheets?
lol and a lady in the streets !

Q: What are 3 qualities in guys that make you melt? 
A: A guy with a sense of humor is a must! I also love a confident man who takes care of himself !

Q: Are you the type to get the party started or do you wait to start having fun?
A: Oh no . I am definitely the one to get the party started ! 🙂

Q: If there was one word for your type of guy what would it be?
A: Caring! Along with all the other qualities of course lol

Q: What are 3 things about you that make dudes look back and be like DDAAAAAAM!!!!!?
A: My smile , confidence and legs 🙂

Q: What’s your favorite type of modeling(swimsuit,business,beach,lingerie)?
A: I love swimsuit !! But lingerie definitely brings out a sexier side.

Q: What do you think makes you different from other models? 
A: I feel i am very different from most models because I am able to bring out a strong sexy side while still leaving something to the imagination 😉 I am also such a humble person and in school as a full-time Nursing major 😉

Q: If you were asked to become a playboy bunny for Hugh Heffner would you do it?
A: Hmmmm . Honestly , probably not . There’s so much more to me as a woman than just my looks 🙂

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