Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2: Top 5 Things DJ Rican Noticed: SPOILER WARNING

1. There were SO many moments to process during this episode that made this episode special and perfect leading up to the Battle with the White Walkers in Winterfell. This ALSO tells me that nice things don’t happen in Game Of Thrones and we are about to have some jaw dropping WTF moments come Episode 3. 

2. Like I said before Arya Stark is a threat not to be messed with and when she wants something, she gets it… LITERALLY. It was a great payoff of Robert Baratheon’s long-ago observation to Ned, “I have a son, you have a daughter; we’ll join our houses.” I think if I knew my death was coming, I’d want to not die as a virgin too. Although if I was Gendry, I’d be paranoid as hell. If you tick her off or betray her one time, she’ll slice you up with no remorse in your sleep while wearing one of her many faces just to mind f*** with you quicker than you can say “M’Lady.”

3. Tyrion is my favorite character on the show (Tormund “GiantBane” is my second) and at the start of this episode, I thought his days were being numbered but once he asked to have that conversation with Bran about how he became The Three Eyed Raven, it lead me to believe Tyrion still can have a bigger role in this final season and could use that knowledge after the battle with the White Walkers. 

4. Seeing the Good in Jaime Lannister gives you those feel good moments that only lead to a horrific death that may come to him as he tries to right his wrongs. It’s also intriguing to see his Lannister charm used on someone else other than his sister 😖.

5. The battle plans have been laid out, the final hook ups / bonding moments / goodbyes have been fulfilled, and the Night King w/ the walkers are ready to bring HAVOC to Winterfell! One thing I noticed was that the Night King was no where to be seen which leads me to believe he’s riding around in the sky with Viserion ready to make his entrance. Sidenote: If Targaryens are the only people who can ride dragons (Mad King, Daenerys, Jon Snow) does that make the Night King a Targaryen too?! 🤯. Even if everyone (or some) survive this battle, there are still unattended matters that will have to be addressed. I’m going to go ahead and guess which key characters are about to meet their maker… Hopefully I’m wrong and no one has to die which seems damn near impossible 😫 (Greyworm, Theon Greyjoy , Jaime Lannister, Gendry Barrathean, and Sansa).

Which moment was a highlight for you and who do you think is having their nights watch end in episode 3? Leave a comment below!

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