Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 Top 5 Things DJ Rican Noticed


With SO many callbacks, foreshadowing, and things to examine on what’s left in these last 2 episodes of Game Of Thrones, here are 5 things I noticed in Episode 4:

1. Daenerys is destined to be the “Mad Queen” by the end of Episode 4. Why do you ask? Well let’s recap the tragic moments Daenerys has endured since season 1 shall we:

    – She was physically and mentally abused by her brother Viserys.😔

    – She was sold to the Dothraki for her to marry Khal Drogo who she has to go threw countless trials to earn their respect.😰

    – Her bother, Viserys, was treated with a “hot” pot of gold after disrespecting Drogo and “Khalessi” aka Daenerys.😲

    – Fell in love with Drogo who later dies after suffering a stab wound from his fellow Dothraki brother, placing her faith in a witch to heal Drogo, and in doing so lost their unborn child and Drogo died due to being in a vegetable state.😭

    – Lost her first dragon, Viserion, by the hands of the Night King.🥺

    – Lost more than half of her army (UnSully & Dothraki) due to the Battle of Winterfell.😰

    – Looses the second man she fell in love with by finding out she is not the rightful heir to the Iron Throne by learning the truth of Jon Snow (Targaryen) aka her Nephew. 🤯😖

    – No one from the North respects or believes her to be the Queen of Westeros, including Lady Sansa and Arya Stark (which we’ll get to them in a few). 🤔

    – Lost ANOTHER Dragon by the hands of Euron Greyjoy’s new toy. 😤

    – Lost not only Sir Jorah Mormont in the Battle of Winterfell but also Missandei by the hands of The Mountain and Cersei 🤬

With all theses tragic moments that Daenerys has endured, it’s inevitable on what’s to come.

2. The Starks are some snitches. Daenerys laid out a perfect plan for Jon and her to be happily together and Jon Snow, always staying on the noble path, decided to tell his sisters his little secret in which Sansa now used as ammunition to get some s*** started giving Tyrion the new information, leading Tyrion to share it with Lord Varys who now believes Daenerys is not worthy to serve the realm and become Queen of Westeros. At least Arya heard the news and was like, “Look I’ve clearly over stayed my welcome here. I got Blacksmiths trying to marry me, I’m on a legendary killing streak, and I’ve got more people to kill on this list so Dueces!” ✌🏼😅

3. Was it more or was there a lot of foreshadowing when Jon was saying goodbye to Sam, Tormund, and even Ghost? I feel like I’m the coming episodes, Jon Snow is going to have to make some pretty game changing decisions in which history shows his noble choices lead him into not so great outcomes.

4. Cersei is one cold hearted b**. She clearly has lost all remorse or sympathy towards a greater good for everyone to get along. As Cersei once said “When you play the Game of Thrones you win, or you die. There is no middle ground.” What’s interesting is Cersei has lost just as much as Daenerys and in a way Cersei is portraying “Mad Queen” qualifies herself. I bet if she possessed those dragons, she would have burnt the Red Keep and anyone in her way by now.

5. Jaime and Breanne FINALLY got busy and props to Tyrion (and the ale/wine) for being the wingman of 2019. 👏🏼 My man Tormund got his heart broken for .5 seconds and quickly got welcomed by the Ladies of the North 😂 Breanne afterwards found out that as much as she wants to see the good in Jaime, he still can’t shake Cersei’s mojo once he had heard what she had done to Daenerys dragon and got an idea that there’s a new “Daddy” in town, Euron Greyjoy. 

Like I said there are ALOT of things to examine in Episode 4 but tell us, what was your favorite scene? You think we are going to see the battle of the Clegenes? Is Daenerys ready to kick Tyrion to the curb after what happened to Missandei? Are we REALLLY done with the Night King and the White Walkers?! 

Makes sure to comment and share the blog and thanks for reading!

PS- Did anyone notice that Starbucks cup in the feast scene in Winterfell?! 😂

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