Game of Thrones – Season 8 Episode 5, Top 5 Things DJ Rican Noticed


If you went into episode 5 feeling disgust, hatred, emotional, or betrayed then you are in the right emotional mindset to go into the season finale. The Mad Queen showed her true colors in her conquest to the Iron Throne but at what cost? As you get ready to see what “green eyes” Queen Daenerys next move will be going into the season finale, here are 5 things I noticed in Episode 5:

1. “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention” – Ramsay Bolton said it best in Season 3, Episode 6. Game of Thrones involves chaos and that’s exactly is what this episode brought. After watching this episode, I realized that Daenerys aka The Mad Queen is basically living a parallel life of Anakin Skywalker aka Darth Vader. Both lost the love of their lives, felt betrayed by their advisors, and both were held back of their true potential in which both displayed them in a gruesome way that made them turn into the bad guys. 🤯 May The Force be with you Daenerys because Arya is coming 👏🏼for 👏🏼them 👏🏼Green 👏🏼Eyes👏🏼. 

2. The Clegane Bowl FINALLY took place and man it was great but bittersweet. The Mountain reminded me of a final boss in MK11 where I knew it was going to take me 500 times to get close to killing that monster. Luckily the Hound handled it in less than 10 min. The Mountain literally had a sword stabbed through his chest and then a knife stabbed through his eye and out the back of his skull and it STILL looked like he was going to survive that too! 😱 After damn near having his eyes pushed to the back of his skull, the Hound and Mountain Met their maker falling in the the burning city’s pit in which ironically the fire was the root of their hate towards each other. Another win I guess for the “Lord of Light” 🤷🏻‍♂

3. Was it me or did Cersei and Jaime’s death kind of lacked a bigger impact than what happened? Like Jaime technically didn’t have to fight Euron if that was going to be his death. #GOT likes to play with your emotions by making you feel sympathy towards the twins but they basically wrote their fate once Jaime pushed Bran out that window…. THATS how they should have died – Both being pushed out the window into the city’s fire pit.

4. Arya Stark has to defeat the Mad Queen – It’s in her destiny and that’s how any of this will be right to end the season finale. I wonder how this plan is going to come in fruition though. My guess is that the Nad Queen is going to get rid of any threats that come in her way and get rid of anyone that is not willing to “bend the knee” starting with Sansa. I also think she is going to question Tyrion once she found out she helped Jaime escape. Jon Snow is also a threat to Daenerys now that the word has spread that he is the rightful heir to the throne. 

5. There was a big sign of symbolism with the white horse that Arya Stark rose off with. First, the daughter and mother that Arya was trying to save were burnt alive. Once Arya saw the aftermath, the daughter was holding a toy white horse. The white horse also symbolizes death in which Arya has brought death to many in her journey to complete her list of people to kill. Also, the white horse was a gift given to Dany by Drogo in which her horse ended up dying from dehydration which could also be a symbol of what’s to come for Dany. Either way, the season finale is just around the corner and we still got some main characters that are going to kick the bucket. 

What do you think happens in the season finale? Will someone sit on the iron throne? Will Arya fulfill the red woman’s prophecy on killing the “Green Eyed” person? Will Jon Snow step up and confront the Mad Queen? Who gains ownership of Drogon if Dany dies? 

Share and comment below and thanks for reading!

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