Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 (FINALE) Top 5 Things Rican Noticed


On April 19th 2011, Game of Thrones was introduced to the world featuring Kings, Queens, Dragons, and Winter Zombies which went 8 seasons long in a 8 year timeframe where we finally got to see who ending up on the “Iron Throne.” This will be a pretty extensive review since there were some open ended questions on what’s to come for certain people’s future. If you have NOT seen the finale, stop reading at this point and go watch it before we dive into the finale and observe some of the last moments from this emotional series. Here are the Top 5 things I noticed/questioned: 

1. Although Daenerys really did become the crazy Mad Queen, you can’t help to admit that she looked bad ass coming in on that dragon and giving her Valerian speech to her army. Once I got past the imagery of her entrance and started listening/reading to what she was saying, I was like man this woman is “Cray Cray” but I was oddly intrigued by it. It made me wonder how she would deal with the other cities, especially when she mentioned her “allied” city of Winterfell where Sansa REFUSES to respect her as her Queen. You could feel the tension build and unsettling feeling Jon and Tyrion had as she made these promises to her army. As she was pleading for Jon Snow to rule by her side, her reasoning made sense to some degree but once she admitted to not showing mercy to those who refused to “bend the knee”, you knew the inevitable was coming. I felt like Dany’s character changed to quickly for the fans to grasp on and there was so much more potential to explore her character or see how she would be as the “Mad Queen.” Kind of like how they portrayed Cersei and how she had her moments of evil that the viewers could see why she was a threat and needed to be dealt with. I guess now Dany is finally reunited with Khal Drogo in the afterlife. Kirimvose Muña Zaldrizoti (Thank you Mother of Dragons)

2. Apparently Jon Snow finally knows SOMETHING! Tyrion dropped some knowledge on why Daenerys should not be the ruler of the seven kingdoms. I liked how he didn’t really force Jon to take that position either. Once Jon’s family (Sansa, Arya, and Bran) were brought up in the determination of what their fate could be if they chose to not obey their Mad Queen, Jon has made up his mind that Dany’s actions had to be addressed and if he could not come to an agreement with her, she is now considered a threat that must be dealt with. Just like every decision Jon  Snow/Targaryen has to make, you knew he didn’t want to follow through. He didn’t want to be part of the Nights Watch, he didn’t want to be Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, he didn’t want to be the King of the North, and he didn’t want to take his rightful spot on the throne OR rule side by side with Auntie Dany. Apparently I’m Drogon’s eyes, if Dany or Jon don’t take the thrown, NOBODY takes the thrown and melted  it quicker than you could say “Dracarys.” It would have been nice to see Dany’s armies reaction once Drogon started crying and seeing some type of urgency to see what was going on and catch Jon in front of the blood to showcase the emotion of Greyworm and his army and how they wanted justice for the death of their queen. When they sentenced Jon back to the wall and he then lead the wildlings back to the “True North” as free people, I SWEAR I felt like I was going to see those White Walker Babies that the Night King converted show up or something but nope. They just go off in the distance and who knows what their future leads to. Again, his ending in a way made sense but still left a sense of an impactful emotion to gain closure with what he was to accomplish.

3. Tyrion Lannister has always been my favorite character from Season 1. From his witty punchlines, charismatic smart ass remarks, and the drive for knowledge that he had to understand people or find his way out of situations really kept the glue together for the series. I think it was smart to show Tyrion go find their brother and sister in the tombs of the red keep to give closure on the possibility of them still being alive. Poetic Justice was shown on how they came from the “Womb to the Tomb” and of course that golden hand had to stick out under all that rubble. While Dany was making her speech, I had a strong feeling that he was going to attempt to do something to Dany and then while Dany was distracted, Arya would have came from behind and kill the “green eyes” Queen. But of course that didn’t happen. Besides Bran, Tyrion may be the most knowledgeable person in Westeros. For a second I thought he was going to be selected as ruler of the realm but he wouldn’t get as much respect. The decision to make Tyrion to be the Hand of the King was a right choice simply for his knowledge and experience from when he was the master of coin under his father’s command. I would def enjoy a spin-off of him and the masters appointed at the Hands table and see what challenges they’d have to address as a unit. Maybe shoot it like a Full House / Family Matters style 😂

4. Looks like not ALL the Starks have to be killed off (#RIPTonyStark) as we see that Bran, Sansa, and Arya stayed alive in the GOT finally. But you mean to tell me that Bran’s purpose/goal was to tell stories as a King?! I mean don’t get me wrong – it makes sense but man once again it was left kind of with a bland taste in my mouth that I need something to follow through. He asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of Drogon after Dany’s death and they mentioned he was last scene flying east. Bran then mentions that he would use his Ravens to see if he could track him and i kind of thought to myself like “YES! We are going to see Bran loom for the Dragon and while he’s on the search hunt, he runs into a familiar foe (White Walker) and it shows that threat has not yet been eliminated…. 😧but no…. WE DIDNT EVEN GET A SEARCH WARRANT for this Damn Dragon! Nothing! Bran is already not at a good start as King. Too bad we won’t find out how he does as ruler of the 6 Kingdoms. OH – You didn’t know?! Sansa with her conceited a$$ decided “The People of Winterfell will remain as an independent province of Westeros” just so she can be the “Queen of Winterfell.” The new king is ALSO a Northerner from Winterfell who happens to be your STARK brother apparently isn’t good enough for her to accept it and just decides to go back and play make believe in her doll house. I don’t see the point of her deciding for Winterfell to go as an Independent nation. That to me just leaves a certain feeling of rebelion but AGAIN guess we won’t find out how. Then we have Arya Stark. The MVP who apparently had enough of everybody and is getting Far FAR away from Westeros as possible. She didn’t get to kill Cersei or Daenerys and just packed up and dipped. Apparently Gendry got on Arya’s last nerve with him trying to get another booty call and she had to dip. 😂 I think seeing a spin-off of Arya’s “Dora the Explora” adventure would be nice to see and somehow have her make her way back to Westeros to unite with the family. A boy can only wish right?

5. Ok – Of course, there are STILL some questions that were left unanswered that I feel a season 9 could def take place to fill some gaps. For instance, where the hell did Drogon go with Dany’s body? Is it possible Drogon may know another witch doctor to bring her back? Will she be reincarnated into another dragon? (I’m putting too much thought into this 😅) Where the hell is Jon and the Wildlings going pass the wall? How does Sansa’s role in Winterfell help or conflict with the agenda of the Six Kingdoms? Who did Lord Varys write those notes and do those notes even matter at this point? Who are going to be appointed as the rest of the Masters at the Hand’s table? What purpose do the Dothraki and UnSully  have as they head to the Isle of Naath? Where the hell are those Winter Night Babies?! 🤬 When you watch a finale like this that is a culmination of 8 years in the making, the goal should be to creature closure, not confusion. #EndGame

Whew – Ok I think I got everything off my chest 😅 Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read these reviews and enjoy the Game Of Thrones Episodes with me. Now that #GOT is officially over, how are you going to find closure with the show or do you feel good with the finale? Comment below and Share with your fellow GOT companions!

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