Gilberto Santa Rosa releases his new song titled “For Sale”

Gilberto Santa Rosa is making his debut with his new song “For Sale”, a musical single that seems to take with a particular sense of humor the difficult situation that a couple can face when they separate and that they have to “get rid” of certain belongings as part of the breaking process. On “For Sale,” Santa Rosa continues to demonstrate his unique ability to sing for love in all circumstances.

Translated into Spanish as “for sale”, the song is the version that Santa Rosa masterfully creates of a composition made by Alejandro Sanz and Carlos Vives. In his proposal, the ‘Caballero de la Salsa’ imparts to the theme the rhythms and improvisations that he dominates.

“We have all met someone who, after breaking up with their partner, decides to sell those objects that remind them of life as a couple or that they simply no longer need. But, there are things that do not have to be present for one to remember those moments that, in one way or another, were significant. We present to the public this fun theme that sees this process of closing cycles with a certain humor, ”said Santa Rosa in a statement, who advanced that, in this case, the story has a happy ending.

To ensure that the song had that particular style that distinguishes the singer, Santa Rosa was armed with the inventiveness of his accomplice Ramón Sánchez for the musical arrangement of “For Sale”. The sharp notes of the trumpets, the silences and the rhythmic transitions make the song perfect for the demanding salsa dancer public.

From the hand of the new proposal that will be available on digital music platforms starting today, Santa Rosa gives the public the music video of the song.

“I am pleased to be able to deliver this delicious theme to you, especially because in this historical moment in which we live, we always need a little bit of good humor and, great! That this profession is so versatile, that it allows me to do it through the music. We are going to include ‘For Sale’ on the album ‘Debut y Segunda Tanda’, which is currently in its final touches and soon the public will be able to enjoy it in its entirety. I hope you love this song as much as I have taken delight in making it.”

The music video for “For Sale” also opens today, Friday, under the direction of Francisco Piñero and Guillermo Figueredo; the general production was in charge of Adriana González. Playing with lighting and elements that impart a touch of humor, the video presents a young couple trying to overcome the end of their relationship with the sale of some items that, according to the story, will no longer be necessary in life. of the couple However, the moments and memories lived as a couple will always be present and never borrowed or sold.

While the release of his record production ‘Debut y Segunda Tanda’ arrives, Santa Rosa continues the last leg of his successful concert tour Walk it tonight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; tomorrow, Saturday, in San Antonio, Texas; July 23 in Tenerife, Spain; July 27 in Montevideo, Uruguay; July 29 and 30 in Santiago, Chile; August 5 in Guayaquil, Ecuador; August 14 in San José, Costa Rica; August 19 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida; August 20 in Glenside, Pennsylvania; August 21 in New York; August 26 in Medellin, Colombia; August 27 in Bogotá, Colombia; September 2 in Panama City in Panama; October 14 in Westbury, NY; October 15 in Hartford, CT and will end on November 11 in Carmel, Indiana.

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