Glam Diva BloveBeauty Behind The Brushes Exclusive

what does blovbeauty stands for ?
Blovebeauty stands for Bethlovebeauty

how long you been doing make up for and what inspired you
to become a make up artist?
Ive been doing makeup for 5-6 years. There are a few things that inspire me to become a Makeup Artist. I saw beautiful models, celebrities, and actors in movies and magazines that I always looked up to and noticed that they are human like everyone else. They were always glammed up and I always knew I wanted to be the go to person glamming them up.

what are some of your must have cosmetics and why!? Some of my go to “must haves”in cosmetics would be what I call the “FAB 5”. I always think all women should have at least five beauty cosmetics at all times.
•foundation/concealer depending on how much coverage you need. I always like to start off with a fresh canvas.
•Bronzer to me is a great thing to have because it gives you a nice bronze especially in the winter when people tend to be less tanned. This also helps in giving a sculpted, contoured face.
•Mascara is a must have for everyone no matter what! Eyes are one of the main focuses on the face so, flaunt and flutter those lashes.
•Brows frame your whole face therefore, I recommend a nice brow pencil, powder, or gel to give you added shape and definition to your eyebrows.
•Last but not least is the pout. You could be as natural or dramatic with the lips. Lipstick is definately a girls best friend.

is there particular store or make up brand you recommend to women? I would definately say and recommend to women to shop in their budget because there’s so many wonderful cosmetics in all price ranges. My favorite store is Sephora because there is no limit to what you could find. They’re various brands that are good for different things. Like my “FAB 5” makeup cosmetics.
•foundation/concealer: Makeup Forever
•bronzer: MAC Cosmetics
•mascara:Benefit Cosmetics
•brow powder, pencil, gel: Anastasiabeverlyhills Cosmetics
•Lipstick: MAC Cosmetics& Fergie Limited Edition WetnWild

which are some of your favorite make up brushes? My favorite makeup brushes are a mix. I love Sigma Professional brushes. Tom Ford Designer Brushes if you want to step your makeup game up. Eco Tools and BH Cosmetics brushes are also great especially when you are starting out as a makeup artist or are on a budget.

any beauty tips as a make up artist you will love to give upcoming make up artist ? I definately have tips and advice to give upcoming artists. First things first, have confidence, believe in yourself, and your talent. I want to also say to never stop doing what you love. Always make sure your working your hardest at all times because, that’s what’s going to help bring you success. Stay professional especially when you think there’s nobody looking because, there’s always someone looking. Lastly, practice, practice, and practice more.

what do you love most about being a make up artist? There’s many things about Makeup Artistry that made me fall in love. One is that it is a art from and a way of self expression. People could be transformen everyday into whatever look they want. I love making people smile and emphasizing the beauty in every person i get to work on. Plus, who wouldn’t want to be their own celebrity for a day or every day.

how can clients and our readers contact you to book you for a make up appt ? Clients and readers can contact me and book me for an appointment or what I like to call it GLAMpointment
•by email

if you can tell women in a few words what makes a woman beautiful WITHOUT make up what will you say? confidence is the key factor in what would make someone beautiful with or WITHOUT makeup. Being genuine and nice to people shows you have a beautiful heart and makes you a beautiful person. The most important thing is loving yourself, always love yourself first because nobody will love you like you love yourself.

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