Gloria Trevi, the Contemporary Latin Music Icon

Gloria Trevi is proving to have quite the busy 2013. She returned to television, participating for the first time as a protagonist on the soap opera “Libre para Amarte” (“Free To Love You”) and at the same time, is on tour — called “Agárrate” (“Grab On”). Her new single “No Soy Un Pájaro” (“I’m Not a Bird”) will be released soon for digital download.

Trevi recently signed a new recording contract with Universal Music Latino.

“I am very happy. A movie-like phase is coming together, I’m sure,” commented Gloria regarding her union with Universal, alluding to the name of her new album. In addition, Trevi’s make-up artist, Alfonso Waithsman, shared via his Twitter account that Trevi will soon release her new perfume named “Rosa Blue.”

With her incomparable charisma and vocal talents, Gloria Trevi has become a global icon for contemporary Latin music. Her songs have spanned the world, and she is considered one of the most prolific composers of the pop genre. No matter what, this amazing singer has become one of the biggest stars in the music industry… just the way she dreamed it when she was a child.

The Mexican star’s humble beginnings

A cross-cultural icon and a true musical phenomenon, Gloria Trevi was born on February 15, 1968, in Monterrey, Mexico. She grew up in poverty in a troubled home, yet dreamed big. From a very young age, she knew she wanted to become a great star.

Nevertheless, doors did not open immediately for Trevi. Life in the streets was lonely and difficult for several years. She survived by singing on street corners and buses for coins and selling tacos or teaching aerobics for 12 hours a day. Meanwhile, she studied music and dancing and held tightly onto her dreams. In 1985, she finally got to sing in an all-girl musical group, “Boquitas Pintadas,” and the rest, as they say, is history.

When the group’s performances ended, Trevi did not give up on her dream of being a soloist. She tried everything; she sang at birthday parties, weddings, bars and even in the street. Her music became rebellious and critical but full of tenderness, love, pain, joy and madness.

Finally, well-known producer Sergio Andrade was impressed with her talent and strength and helped her to record an album of songs she had written. Gloria Trevi had arrived and the fame would not take long to follow.

Trevi became the standard for new generations in Mexico. Her boldness made her a revelation and other successes flowed without delays. The young singer became a phenomenon. She made controversial television appearances, displaying her bold attitude and colorful clothing choices, and public opinion as well as journalists’ and intellectuals’ commentaries pegged her in the mass media as a true revolution in Latin music.

In 1996, Gloria Trevi was involved in a criminal case in which she was accused of corrupting minors, sexual abuse and kidnapping. As one might imagine, the case was highly controversial and widely publicized. She eventually went to prison, but was later found not guilty.

Just when many thought her career was over, she reappeared, and the media and the public compared her to a rising Phoenix. Her great return happened in her hometown and birthplace, Monterrey, where an historic concert was recorded.

What followed was a range of successes and her loving public idolizes her the same way they did years ago. A new generation has been added to the army of her millions of fans around the world. Present for her concerts are children, adults and teenagers applauding, all with the same fervor.

Gloria Trevi’s ‘No Soy Un Pájaro’

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