Hapu y Hozay

The story begins when their love for music makes them create their first group with other school friends who also played some instrument or simply for the taste for music, the purpose was to play punk rock bands like blink 182, Green day , Sum 41 etc. The project continued to the point of giving a presentation at 12 years of age, the band disappeared, but the ambition to realize the dream in the music industry of Daniel and José Luis no.

Time passed and it was until the end of high school when choosing what they were going to do for the rest of our lives music was always the number one option, at the time they started making our own music on a computer and it was there when the first single came out to the public, being the first original song published by us along with a video clip. The song was promoted by ourselves and our friends. It was accepted very well by the people who liked the concept that at the time was a combination of hip hop with reggae and lyrics in English.

Hapu and hozay moved to Los Angeles in 2013 with the aim of improving their skills as producers and as musicians, we attended the school called SAE where they learned the basics of audio and production engineering.

After starting to produce songs for different friends and same students of the audio school, it is when TEEJAY or Anthony Jacobs was introduced that he was one of the most outstanding students of the course.

After graduating it was just the beginning, continued the preparation and hard work. The team continued and only became stronger, it was a very important moment in his career because they were acquiring tools and making relationships that will be key for the future of his musical career. Afterwards The profits music was created, the skills improved and luck was proved more and more when beginning to do works for important labels like OWSLA (Skrillex), BAD BOY (P. Diddy), OVO (Drake), where projects have been realized with artists and producers of international level like Jeremy Renner, Njomza, Chris Graham, Mark Johns, Yung Jake, Gizzle, Indica, Sundai.

Hapu, hozay and teejay as a producer began to notice that something was missing and that’s where they decided to start with their individual and duo music projects with an urban focus on trap, r & amp; by soul and most importantly using Spanish as the language principal.

Dúo Mexicano, creators of Profits Music and independent artists.

Already 3 years in the American industry decided to focus on the Latin in 2017.

Genre trap R&B Soul.

Group of engineers, producers, composers and interpreters.

There are 3 projects in Hapu (individual) Hozay (individual) and Hapu / Hozay (duo) in which we all participate:

Daniel Harper Rochin “Hapu”, 23 years old. Originally from Culiacán Sinaloa and grown in Ensenada Baja California.

José Luis Villalobos “Hozay”, 24 years old. Originally from Chino California and grown in Ensenada Baja California.

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