Has Amor 93.1 Pulled the Plug on Morning Show

It was a rough year for the morning crew at Amor 93.1 in 2015 after having Luis Jimenez leave SBS Amor 93.1 after making his great return only a couple of months earlier and not having a leader many who were left felt lost. Later on the station added Juan Carlos who had also replaced Luis Jimenez when he first left in 2007. Now Monday January 11, 2016 there was no Sin Censura on the air. Not much has been said yet and the crew has not been removed from the stations website. On social media some comments were made some stronger then others such as Johnny Famolari on his personal Facebook and Instagram.

For those of you who are also fans of the Carolina Cadillo Podcast which is available online via Sound Cloud they have voiced the stress level of the show and the station in some details in the last year. Since Luis first left SBS in 2007 the crew that Luis built has seen its shares of ups and down with SBS and Univision Radio.

So much is still left open on to what will happen to the crew and the show, who’s in and who’s out. In today’s world radio has changed so much, now all you need is a phone and an app and your good to go. Being part of the Music or Entertainment world and with social media has become a 24/7 type of job, you have no days and no real personal time. Stay tune for more information on the outcome of Amor 93.1 Morning Radio Show.

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