“Hierarchy”, the duet of Mozart La Para and El Lapiz Consciente

Two years ago, a heated tirade divided fans between “mozaristas” and “lapiistas” in which rappers Mozart La Para and El Lapiz Conciente said everything on topics that were trending and added millions of views on YouTube.

Now all that is old news and the artists came together, first in a meeting with Don Miguelo, “Pila de bandera”, and now this Friday they surprise with their first rap duet entitled “Jerarquía”.

“This league is not for a boy, the hierarchs are the hierarchs,” wrote the so-called “King of freestyle” on his YouTube channel, where the single was published.

In urban slang, the exponents “dropped it” to various figures of the genre. And it is that together with Don Miguelo, El Lapiz and Mozart they were recently nicknamed “The extraditables” in reference to a controversy with Santiago Matías, El Alfa and other allies who called themselves “The search block”.

In the song “Hierarchy” the chorus stands out: “Mozart La Para, El Lapiz Conciente, this circle is small, so many people don’t fit here.”

The track was created by producer Boobassking and the director of the black and white audiovisual was Labor Graph.

Last September, El Lapiz Conciente, Mozart La Para and Don Miguelo caused a sensation on social networks by sharing videos in a studio where they were seen recording their dembow “Pila de bandera”.

The controversy was immediate and practically a controversy arose between the veterans and the youngest of the genre. To the first, Santiago Matías (Alofoke) in his radio program, pointed out: “They stayed being tough”, a phrase that El Alfa used in the song “Que no remix”.

These did not stay silent and responded in posts and live videos.

“Now they have to give us the DEMBOW,” Pencil wrote in a story on his Instagram account.

In another video, in which the three artists are seen recording in a studio, El Lapiz Conciente said: “Hold on, the real Dominicans have arrived.”

It was in August, during Don Miguelo’s concert at the Gran Arena del Cibao, that the interpreters of “Pa’ gozar” and “No te Quiero Perse” were seen making public peace.

In another order, Mozart La Para will perform its first concert at the United Palace Theater in New York City on November 23, the eve of Thanksgiving.

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