In the Studio with Eli H


I have been hanging out with an A-list of talented  unsigned upcoming local artist, whom resides in Naples, and Fort Myers, FL. There is a Singer,Rapper,Producer,DJ , and a  video recorder all in one room putting there thoughts together to make a track.In the few hours i watched them make beats, produce, record and compose lyrics right from the top of there heads. I would have never thought that These young talented fellas would make two track under a few hours But when you combine seven different talented minds and stick them in one room, your going to get an awesome track out of it.  A few minutes into it Turned a single beat into a master  piece. This is truly Gods gift.  hanging out with the fellas, I got to get to know each one, and They all  have a different talent, Southwest, FL has a lot of new amazing and fresh young talent. They have a dream and they are out here doing something about it They won’t stop until they make it to the top. With that said never quit on your dreams.  You can support and follow the movement.  You can follow them on Instagram/twitter @Mannifeyluyo @Nro239 @Jserra86 @Capii426 @Luyoworld @Mannife17  @Djqueststupid  @N8Lucius  Soundcloud: Mannifeyluyo , Nero-10 and Capi111010. Stay tuned for more upcoming local artist. This is Eli H Aka Dominican Eli and I am out! Peeacceeeeee one love

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