How did you start Earth’s Shell?
I started Earth’s Shell with a simple idea. I have always
been interested in skin care and everything home comfort. As I researched and
considered my business options, I started growing my idea base. With time it became
clear to me that besides great products I wanted to provide an experience. An
experience built on simplicity, luxury, and self-care.

What inspired you to open your own business?
What inspired me to open my own
business was the idea of being my own stop and go, having control of how much I can
accomplish. I see nothing wrong with working a 9-5, I did just that for many years, from
being a phlebotomist, to a case worker I have worn a few hats. But I have always
wanted to do more of what makes me more independent.

What products can we find in Earth’s Shell?
Pure, premium ingredient skin care
products, as well as home care products. We go above and beyond to provide you with
a reliable product.

What is your star product and why?
Our star product is our Premium Firming Body Oil,
with star ingredients organic argan and rosehip oil. Our Firming Body Oil is our star
product because it’s effective, and nobody likes cellulites. Ha-ha.

What is the goal you have set for yourself as a new business owner?
My main goal is to
learn and grow with every accomplishment and every failure. Not only as a business
owner but also as a human. Keeping my vision clear and consistent, and maintaining
high standards.

Any advice for all of the women out there who are thinking of owning a business?
Be original, be patient, and be kind to yourself.
Where can we find Earth’s Shell?
You can find Earth’s Shell on our website and on social media @earthsshell!

What is next for your brand?
One day at a time, I work endless hours daily to improve
and grow my brand. With time I have learned that the honest, hard work that you put
out today will be what you reap tomorrow. We are currently working on brand
awareness, as well as a very exciting product launch, more information will become
available on our website as well as on our social media platforms.

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