You are doing an amazing job with your daughter tell us a little about the two of you?

Thank you. I am Denise Camacho, a mother of two and I’m also of Dominican and Puerto Rican decent. I’d always been into the arts. As a kid my parents always tried to encourage my passion for art by enrolling me in art programs and buying art supplies. I applied to LaGuardia but did not get accepted. At 19, I started in the makeup industry. Makeup artistry is something that came natural to me. From the first time I picked up a brush, I’d always get compliments on my work. A few months later I lost my mother to cancer. Fast forward to the present, 12 yrs later, I still do makeup, it is my passion. My daughter, 3yr old Navi Viola Ramirez was born the day after my mothers 9th death anniversary, meaning I went into labor on the day my mother died. I was so scared, I had no epidural, I went thru the most painful experience in my life but she was an angel of a baby. When she turned 3, she started drawing. She’d continuously draw these characters that I found so dope. I had a vision, I was so inspired by her little characters. I went into my art supplies and brought out canvas and paint. I asked her to draw one of her characters and she did. I then painted it and posted it on social networks. The response was amazing and we’ve been doing it since.

What inspired you to turn this into a mother / daughter hobby?

Navi inspired me. Everything she does inspires me. She’s got such a young fresh view on things. She teaches me a lot. It was and still is very important to me that my children know how amazing art is. I always love to include my kids in everything and I love explaining everything to them. Having my kids see life thru an artistic and colorful lens is essential to me. Growing up, I knew I loved art but I didn’t know how far I could take it. I had no clue that being a makeup artist was a career. I didn’t know painting on walls was ok. I didn’t know there was no such thing as mistakes when it came to art. These are things I want my kids to know. It’s ok to see things differently from others, it’s ok to have different opinions. I may like this painting right side up and you may like it upside down and neither is right or wrong. It’s all about perspective.

How long does it takes for you to paint your daughters drawings?

It really depends on the size. I’ve had small ones that took 15minutes to paint, then I have our largest piece yet, that took a total of 24hrs to complete.

Have you thought of doing a little kids art gallery show?

I actually haven’t thought of that. I think that would be the cutest most inspiring idea for children & adults. I’ve thought of other avenues where we could take this but right now, I’m just enjoying making art with my kids. I say kids because although my oldest, Aiden Link (6yrs old) doesn’t draw or paint these pieces, he does play a major role in the process. He has amazing fresh ideas & I love to hear his ideas for the paintings. We have meetings where we get together after Navi has drawn the characters and we then discuss what we’re going to turn them into. Aiden is the most vocal in this process, sharing his ideas on colors, scenarios & titles for each piece. If ever I’m having a mind block, I can always count on Aiden to get me out of it.

If you can have one wish granted for you and your daughters art hobby what will it be?
I wish to inspire and bring happiness to people around the world with our art.

How many times a week / month do you guys create draw and paint together?

Navi probably draws about a dozen pieces a month. She, however, is constantly doodling and exploring the world around her. I paint about 4 days a week. I truly love doing it and the funny things is, I’m most inspired when those characters are on that canvas.

as a mother what advice can you give other mothers like you who have artistic kids at home?

Let them explore, let them get messy, let them make mistakes. Ask questions about their art, even if you don’t see it as anything spectacular. Praise their accomplishments. Teach them to channel their feelings into their art. Whether it be feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, curiosity etc. Take them to museums, exhibits, musicals, movies. Show them nature, there’s art everywhere. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from your kids if you try to see the world thru their eyes.

What other plans do you guys have besides painting and drawing for the future?

Navi is only 3, she’ll start school next year. I’m not sure what impact that will have on what we’ve started but we do talk a lot about where we would like to take it. Aiden says he’d love to have a gallery full of our pieces for the people to see. I would like to venture into childrens books and also into the street art scene and I’d love to turn them into toys. I’m also getting into acting.

How do you plan to make this inspirational for other women?
As a single mother of two with a fulltime job, a painting hobby, a freelance makeup artist and a very social butterfly it is very hard to manage time. No matter how busy the week is, always find time for your kids. I don’t mean that as in just finding time to take care of them and do the necessary mommy job. But find time to let your children know that their ideas matter, that their voice is also heard. That standing at 3 feet tall you can still create amazing, you can still teach, you can inspire all the while learning and just being a kid. I’d like to inspire mothers to continue to raise their children the traditional way we were taught, but to also teach them early how their ideas can be turned into real projects just like the grownups. That’s why I have “meetings” with my kids, I talk to them and present my ideas to them as if I were in a real meeting giving a real presentation. I listen to what they have to say, I challenge them to push a little harder, to articulate what they see in their mind. I treat them like real people doing real grownup things. I allow them to make mistakes and I believe that although this may just be a hobby, connecting with my children on a creative level is teaching them about the fundamentals of life.
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