Tell us a bit about the man behind the lense :
Ahhh the man behind the lense is a crazy Cubano originally named Jorge Luis DeLarrea who is a Born and bred NYer. Photography is my Zen thru the lens that rejuvenates and invigorates me because my day job as a Corporate Contracts Negotiator is mentally taxing. Other Hobbies and passions that might be of interest are I have been a practicing Martial Artist for 20+ years and Hold Black belts in 2 different arts, I also love to cook ( Spanish, Italian & Louisiana Cajun food). I’m a avid hiker, and I am in the process of getting my own homemade hot sauce on the market.

What inspired you to become a photographer?
This is a 2 part answer, originally my earliest memories of Photography are photos my mother brought with her of my family and where she lived in Cuba. Later I found out that she was a colorist (this is where a Black and white photo was literally painted to become a color photo) in her uncles photography studio in Havana. I thought that was really cool. Then after my Mother remarried and I was adopted and became a Pruitt my step brother had a darkroom and cameras in our basement. When I was 16 (I’m 51 now), he used to send me to Industrial Companies to shoot widgets and gadgets they built, these would ultimately go into the layout for catalogs and flyers that my Brother did for these companies. You have to remember this was back in the film days (no Photoshop, Illustrator or anything else computerized), all this work had to be done on layout sheets with the separate elements laid out and blocked out on transparencies (and ruby lift paper). So attention to details and getting it done right the first time especially with the Photography was paramount ( film cost money and if I messed up a roll or 2 I had to go back and re-shoot and it would come out of my pay) because you had no Idea if the photos came out right unless you had a solid understanding of the fundamentals of photography (my Camera was fully manual so I had to focus, set shutter speed and aperture) to get the desired results. After a year of doing this photography work my brother gave me the camera I shot all these jobs with and which i still have , which is a Pentax K1000. I have been hooked ever since.

What inspire your photography?
Everything inspires me, there is a harsh beauty even in the most heartbreaking subject matter. I shoot in the Streets of NYC , Studios and I am also blessed to live by some of the most amazing Landscapes and scenery in Upstate NY. All these elements (people places and things) inspire my photography.

Where do you see yourself going with your photography?
Ultimately , I would love to work full time as a professional photographer, I have a broad portfolio and I believe that my skills across many different disciplines in photography (landscapes, Studio portrature, Fashion, Boudior, Weddings, Commercial), also I have been doing it for so long gives me a leg up over some of the younger folks that have only been shooting a decade or less.

What advice you have for the future generation of photographers?
Very easy , get a manual film SLR and understand the fundamentals of Photography. I tell every person who is starting out in Photography as a hobby or seriously to shoot nothing but Black and white film for a solid year. Composing in Black and White is all gradation of shadows and requires attention. but once you get a good grasp of bringing drama and emotion out of a greyscale image , color photography becomes simple. Also understand the Art and Science behind light and how that effects the photo your taking. I always tell newer photography that ultimately all they are capturing is light ( no light BLACK PHOTO) and having the capability to use flash or natural light in such a way that it looks natural is a skill that needs to be cultivated.

Is there any tips you might want to give future upcoming models?
Yes, Posing is a art ! Young female models may have a beautiful body and curves to die for but modeling is more than Booty and Boobies. It is about facial espression and poses that flatter! I would tell any models to look back at the previous 5 decades of Models in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, and All other Fashion Magazines. remember sometimes the Photography isn’t about the Model but about the clothing or accessories they are posing with. A model who steals the limelight from the gown they are working with may only have that once chance to impress and if they blow it that designer/photographer/art director may never call on their services again. I would also tell all Models regardless of their gender to work (pose) to the light, not away from it (unless directed to do so for a particular look. Also never show up drunk/high to a shoot , make sure your well groomed and rested and your mind is on the task at hand.

Share a funny story behind one of your shoots?
Thre are way too many to mention . I have had backgrounds fall on me while setting up for a shoot, slipped and fell while contorting into a unnatural position to get a photo, fallen on my butt more times than I care to count and the list goes on and on …..LOL!

What kind of photography we can see displayed at luxecreativeimaging?
You will see Portraits, Fashion(y), Music/Band, Wedding, Boudoir, Landscapse, and street photography on my website and my Facebook pages.

What george pruitt loves / hates about photography?
I love the creative aspect of Photography taking something mondane and making it special and brethtaking. What I hate is when a model tells me how I should shoot her.

name one of the best highlights of your photography career.
There are 2 that come to mind, one was several years ago I had the opportunity to shoot Earl Slick ( the guitarist for the past 35 years for David Bowie. He also played with John Lennon). More recently I had the opportunity to become friends with Oscar Hernandez and shoot the double Grammy Award Winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra on two separate occasions in 2014.

How can models and other clients contact you for your services?
The easiest way is thru my website

or via Facebook

Any Models on Model Mayhem can reach out to me at
Mayhem # 2595055

or just email me at

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