Interview With Stylist Pierre Johnson

1. Tell us a bit about who pierre johnson is . . .

Pierre is a Guy with many visions and a creative mind with hard .work ethics he will get the job done with passion. He’s 23 years old from Bronx N.Y. Born and raised never really had a passion and desire for fashion I was a football player with dreams to play college division 1 or 2. It wasn’t until freshman year of college and my first job which was Kenneth Cole it Open my eyes which made me who I am today.

2. What inspires your looks when you have to put an outfit together for a client ?

What inspire my looks is the creativity of inventing and creating a story that leads to unforgettable one. One of my top 3 is high end fashion magazines from top designers of the world , the smiles after we have connected on unbelievable way and the , and the joy of my client to repost the looks

3. Name some of your favorite brand stores?

Zara, H&M, Guess, Top Shop ,

4. Where do you see your career going in a few years ?

I see my career going very far with the dedication I could see myself having clients some parts of the world for private styling sessions or interning for some popular fashion brands in some parts of the world that will be amazing. I love involving myself in all cultural diverse sense of style.

5. Can you name some of the artist you have worked with and who was your favorite to work with?

Barbs model and actor Jay Cam model / Ceo of Swagunir clients of Guess

6. How long have you been doing fashion for ? I’ve been into fashion for about 5 years from modeling and almost a year into styling from Guess inc. therefore trying create my own business

7. How can clients contact your services? I’m reachable thru email and Instagram stylishissopierre Facebook Pierre Johnson and Also Guess soho located on Broadway

8. What defines your style and what are some of your least favorite designers in the fashion world ?

My style is creating a look Everyman could get inspire it’s not about sticking to the basics but once you gasp the basics you can create any image for a man. As for females my style is seeing eye to a women man not only thru simplicity but also high end could of European look and se parts of the world to be more diverse

9. Some of my least of favorite designers are basically the typically brands that ppl spend so much money on when it’s not creativity.

10. Name a few designers you will like to work with. . .

I love to work with Grivenchy Top Man , Brooks Brothers , Alexander Wang , Tom Ford, Calvin Klein


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