Is Rihanna Pregnant With Chris Brown Or Drake baby?


Diamonds” singer Rihanna has sparked of pregnancy rumors, recently. Singer Rihanna who is dating rapper Drake is pregnant and has a “small” baby bump, claims a media report. Meanwhile, a viral post titled “Rihanna and Drake Sex Tape Leaked Tonight” is swirling around on Facebook. The post claims to contain the video is reportedly fake and a hoax that is went viral. Read on to find out more details.

Is Rihanna Pregnant? Singer is Carrying Drake’s or Chris Brown’s Child?

According to, the 26-year-old singer Rihanna is pregnant and her latest photos from her show in LA on April 4 show seem to prove it. The report says that not only her latest pictures provide the evidence of her pregnancy, her behavior show the signs of pregnancy. Also, “people close to Rihanna believe that she’s pregnant” claims the report.
The Web site claims that songstress is keeping away from weed and cigarettes. She also seems to have quitted drinking and is not attending parties.

“Rihanna refused to attend the official after party on Drake’s tour because there would be too much alcohol and weed smoke there. So she went back to the hotel room instead,” reported the Web site.

Speaking about Rihanna’s baby bump, the Web site shows pictures of Rihanna indicating at her swollen stomach suggesting a “small” baby bump. Also, the photos show that she is having a “decaffeinated tea” with her father, instead of a coffee.

The Web site cites that what will draw most attention and interest is whose child singer is carrying if she is actually pregnant.
Rihanna who is now dating rapper Drake was dating singer Chris Brown until they broke up in 2013. Word is that even after their breakup Rihanna continued to meet up with Brown. However, at the moment Rihanna and Drake are said to be growing stronger in their recently publicized relationship.

Hollywood Life reports the Rihanna and Drake are now thinking about “moving in together.” The Web site speculates that could it be because “they are expecting a little Drake?” However, nothing is confirmed and the Web site suggests that time will reveal the truth behind the rumors.

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