Israel Santiago Lukis, is a Peruvian artist and singer, who currently resides in New York, since 1990.

Israel, is the son of Blanca Tellez, a famous singer from Peru who is artistically known as “Melissa, the Mermaid of Love” and also, who at 17 was named as “The young rival of Gaby Ceballos ”. His father, the lawyer Juan Miguel Lukis. He is the father of two girls twins, from Sashenka and Coral, who are one year old, the reason for being of Israel Lukis, for who fight daily to achieve their dreams.

Israel, had a quiet childhood, with all the comforts that working parents they can provide to their children. He inherits a taste for art and music from his mother, who from a very young age he had been performing his presentations in theaters. At age 7 he started singing in all the schools he attended. Sporadically, he traveled to Peru and at that time in a Within a year, he created a cumbia group when he was only 15 years old.

He attended school in the United States, as well as Interboro College, where he studied business administration. Israel Lukis, a dreamer, who has not allowed situations that may arise on a daily basis, the “no’s” that he has faced, the doors that they close, limit or frustrate what he wants to achieve today; On the contrary, they have allowed to strengthen and build. That’s why today he decides to risk and fight to see realized which would be one of his greatest dreams “to be a great singer, recognized and who it can be accepted by all the Latin public and not only that, but by the whole world ”.

In 2008, he recorded some cumbia songs. At all the social gatherings he attended, he looked for any opportunity to show his talent in music, together with his friends, who have allowed and encouraged him to continue in music.

His favorite music is Mariachi and corridos, so today Israel Lukis launches a music theme Popular called “Better without you” under the production of LP Producciones represented by Lukas Penagos, song that is authored by Juan David Bolívar Serna, which is already available on all digital platforms. Likewise, he has been working on his album full “Let me suffer”; that very soon will come out with many songs that promise fall in love and make Israel Lukis position himself as one of the best artists in music Popular. And it is here, where Israel recognizes that it will not be an easy road, but like all challenges that he has overcome in his life, it will not be impossible either.

In addition, he is the second artist signed by Latin Plug, who, together with the CEO of this important company, Mauricio Vega, assures that they will be able to project themselves in the Latin Music Industry. Latin Plug, is a space for entertainment networks and educational events with more than 3 years of trajectory in the North American market. It connects many Latinos who aspire to become a name in the industry. And today he believes in talent and what Israel Lukis can achieve through through music.

In 2020, he decides to launch into this music industry, where he hopes to stay and position himself; he has been working hard with an excellent team of professionals. He is a new talent, who seeks the opportunity to demonstrate his undisputed talent and achieve the acceptance of a great public, he trusts that he will do it through his album “let me Suffer”, music in which He expresses feelings of the day-to-day life of all people, of real experiences, and that he seeks to each of his listeners can identify with them

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