Jay Z’s Tidal Now Offers Lower Prices for Family Plans

Reacting to the lower prices of Apple Music and other competitors, Tidal now offers a family plan with discounted prices for its on-demand music subscription service. The company announced Wednesday it is offering a 50-percent discount when subscribers add up to four additional users to the same account.

The new pricing works out to $30 for a family of five using the premium service that normally costs $10 per month (in the United States). The first user pays the standard $10 price and additional users pay $5 per month. Thus, two users would pay $15, three users would pay $20, and so on. The same discounts are available to subscribers of the $20-per-month, high-definition audio service. Two users of a high-definition account would pay $30, three would pay $40, and so on.

Tidal’s move appears to be a swift reaction to Apple Music’s family plan pricing. A single person pays $9.99 per month for Apple Music (in the United States) while its family plan allows for up to six users for $14.99 — half the price of a Tidal account for just five users of the standard audio service. Apple’s $14.99-per-month plan works out to $2.50 user for six users, making Apple Music the low-cost leader in subscription services. Tidal still doesn’t come close. Both Apple and Tidal cost $14.99 for two users but Tidal costs an incremental $5 for every additional user.

Competing subscription services also offer discounts for family plans. Spotify (in some countries) and Rdio (around the globe) have the same plan as Tidal — up to four additional users at a 50-percent discount. Following the announcement of Apple Music pricing, Spotify said it will roll out “competitive pricing everywhere in the near future.”

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