JC Malicia

JC Malicia
JC Malicia

Juan Carlos Diaz now known as JC Malicia was born and raised by a humble, close knit family in Washington Heights, New York. He credits his drive, determination and positive attitude to the influence of his parents.JC Malicia’s initial exposure to music came from his parents, both from the land of the “bachata”, Dominican Republic. His experience as a performer started in grade school, starring in talent shows and plays. At 13, JC Malicia discovered a new hobby, music… fueling his inspiration and bringing him closer to his ultimate goal. Over the next few years, JC Malicia spent all his spare time experimenting and creating and developing his music.

Don’t be fooled by the stage name, JC “Malicia” was derived while in the studio and simply references his skills which are sharp and vicious. JC Malicia is kind at heart, true to his music, friends, family and fans.

Well on his way to fulfilling his dreams, JC Malicia says that one of his missions in life is to encourage others to do the same.

“I hope to inspire many young people to remain positive and strive for their dreams. I want to be the kind of artist that is able to touch people’s hearts through my lyrics, so that before I leave this world I am able to make a positive difference the lives of others.”

OnSmash Records recognized JC Malicia’s talent and signed the artist. JC Malicia’s creative fusion of styles, melodious voice , unique charisma, and steady drive, will ensure that this talented young man continue to take the music world by storm, earning international recognition and allowing him to make a mark on his generation. Recent releases by JC Malicia include, “I’m Not Like You” which you can enjoy on YouTube via:


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