Jencarlos Canela announces his “retirement” to take care of his mental health

Neither success nor a beautiful photo on Instagram are synonymous with a perfect life. Jencarlos Canela announced this Sunday through social networks that she will be away from public life for a while to attend to her mental health.

Through a statement that he published from his Instagram profile, the 33-year-old singer and actor communicated to his almost 4 million followers that he needs to take time for himself.

Jeancarlos Canela announced that he will step away from public life to take care of his mental health. In the statement he expresses that it will be for a while.

“I need some time for myself, sometimes you need to disconnect to really connect with what really matters in life. I have to love myself a little more, forgive myself, forgive a few people and apologize to a couple more. I want to reevaluate what what is success for me, why do I do what I do, substitute some harmful vices with other productive ones.”

Gaby Espino’s ex acknowledged that he is not proud of how he has handled his platforms because “I feel that I can be taking advantage of them with a much larger purpose.”

“Most people, if not all. here we only show a version of ourselves where everything seems to be fine as long as we upload a post about something more or less difficult that we are experiencing, it is not even 100% real. This is affecting everyone’s mental health. I’m not proud of my platforms. I feel like I can be harnessing them for a much larger purpose. I want to focus on quality over quantity.” He noted.

Take care and invest in your mental health. there is no project more important than oneself.

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