José Gómez “Mr Emoción”

José Gómez “Mr Emoción” was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on May 5, 1983. His parents are from Tenares, Dominican Republic.

In his childhood, he traveled up to two times a year where his relatives were in Cibao and there his interest in bachata was awakened. As a young bachatero in Santo Domingo, some family and friends did not take him seriously but he never cared about that because he was willing to do anything for his dreams.

From a very young age he was always surrounded by family members who played guitar and sang. He liked listening to music and seeing how they had healthy fun. But it wasn’t until 2002 that the desire to learn to play even a little guitar was born.

With his first lessons from his father Genaro Gómez who knew a little about the instrument and then a self-taught guitar method.

Already with a little more musical knowledge he participated with local groups in private parties. In 2004 he left music to finish his college degree. In 2008, after graduating from Electrical Engineering and with a more focused head, he returned to music again with a friend who invited him to be part of a bachata group called Grupo Diamante.

In 2010, with the help of a partner, Danny Morales, a musician and arranger, he started his own bachata group called Grupo Emoción, performing songs by well-known artists.

After a while he wanted to go beyond performing well-known songs, creating something of his own by composing with the help of Danny who was his producer. Hence, the MR EMOCION project was born.

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