Jossef Releases a Video Showcasing New Life to Town in “Una Noche”

After not wanting to know about love in his song “Una Vez”, Jossef presents his new song “Una Noche”, whose rhythm and catchy lyrics will make you move your skeleton from beginning to end. Released under the Jr. Records label, “Una noche” is characterized by its freshness and danceable rhythm. Definitely, with this new song and video Jossef arrives renewed and shows a different facet to what his fans know about him. The song is now available on digital music platforms.

Recorded from his home in Puerto Rico, the song was produced by the group “Los Harmónicos” and as Jossef explains, “… it is a single that had the collaboration of my entire work team, each one did their bit so that the end result was what it is. I love it for its freshness, for allowing me to experiment with the vocal aspect and show a new side of myself ”. Unlike his previous songs, “Una Noche” describes it as a more commercial reggaeton and the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter is sure that the song will become the next hit in Latin urban music.

Unlike his previous single “Una Vez”, where women don’t want to know about love, “Una Noche” is about “… taking advantage of the opportunities that come your way in life, since you don’t know about tomorrow, you only know about today. If you are attracted to a person and you have the opportunity to be with them, take advantage of the occasion ”, explained Jossef about the message he wants to carry with the subject.

On the other hand, the official video, which is released simultaneously with the single, was directed by Abez Media and was filmed in Ponce, Puerto Rico. The audiovisual production, which is characterized by being colorful and full of life, shows a renewed Ponce after, at the beginning of the year, the town was shaken by a series of earthquakes that resulted in homeless families and destroyed structures. The video shows the town full of life again and tells the story of a girl interested in the hotel employee from the moment she saw him, then she imagines different moments with him. “It was a unique experience to record this video and I am sure that the public will enjoy it very much”, Jossef concluded.

The young Puerto Rican started the year in style: he debuted on Billboard’s Latin Rhythm chart with his hit “Encedelo” with Ñengo Flow and Jamby el Favo. In addition, the video for “Turn it on”, available on the artist’s YouTube channel, has been a total success with more than 14 million views. In the same way, the song has received millions of reproductions on all digital platforms. In addition, his previous single “Once” has more than 5.7 million reproductions and views combined. In addition to this, it set a trend on Tik Tok, where influencers from different countries created their own interpretations of “Once Upon a Time” achieving a reach of more than 120 thousand views. Definitely, Jossef continues to tread firmly to consolidate a career full of successes.

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