Jossef Releases New Album “All Eyes On Me”

Warming up for what will be another successful year, the rising artist Jossef, ignites the digital platforms with a new song that shows why he is one of the strongest artists of the new generation. His versatility and musical vision differentiate him from the rest, and without a doubt “All Eyes On Me” is a clear example of this. This track, different from others he has released previously, is a hiphop infused with rock and a new facet in Jossef’s career, where he shows that he is not pigeonholed into a single sound. Listen to “All Eyes On Me” on all digital music platforms through JR Records.

The song was composed by Jossef and Joan Ubiñas, while it was produced by Charlie Night City, Los Harmónicos, Jossef, among others. “All Eyes on Me” features powerful electric guitar sounds fused with the classic hiphop beat to give the song an added punch. Through his lyrics, Jossef expresses how his life has changed since his beginnings in the music industry, the success he has achieved, and how he has managed to keep all eyes on him. “All Eyes On Me” is a vibrant song that projects a lot of strength, but it is just a ‘taste’ of what’s next for Jossef, who arrives prepared this year to conquer everything in his path.
On the other hand, the song was released alongside a visualizer that is already available on the artist’s YouTube channel.
Jossef continues to reap success after success in his career, which he dreamed of from an early age. As of right now, his most acclaimed and global hit song “Persia Remix” in collaboration with Eix and Jamby El Favo, has received multi-platinum certification and 9x certified Gold in the United States and Spain. Recently, he released “Desvelo” and “Hasta Que Me Perdones” that continue to rise on platforms with several million combined views. Keep an eye out for Jossef as he has several surprises and hot collaborations including “X2 Remix” with Mariah Angeliq!
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