Juanes inducted into the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame

Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes entered the Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame (LSHOF) on Thursday, during a special tribute on the 10th anniversary of the La Musa awards, where he said: “Thanks to beloved Colombia, for being my eternal inspiration”.

Hailed by the LSHOF as “one of the most legendary Latin rock icons of all time and a champion of global peace,” Juanes selected and performed songs chosen for the occasion at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, Florida, which featured with the participation of influential figures in Latin music.

Juanes chose to perform a moving mix of his hits “Minas Piedras”, “La Vida Es Un Ratico”, “Es Por Ti” and “Volverte A Ver”, along with his usual band, backup singers and an extended orchestra.

Following a moving recognition from Warner Chappell COO Carianne Marshall, who introduced him to the Hall of Fame, Juanes spoke from the heart to his peers and colleagues in the industry.

The artist expressed gratitude to his family and colleagues who have supported his career, and spoke about the vulnerability composers go through to create “memories for the world.”

Juanes expressed emotion: “The first thing I have to say is that you cannot get anywhere alone. Thank you Rudi and Patty for organizing this wonderful evening. To you, adored Delia, for always being with me since the beginning of time”.

“To you Jesus for your trust, support and wise advice, to Santaolalla, Kerpel and Sebastian Krys, to my band, to Rafa, my brother José and my entire Camaleón office. To my children Luna, Paloma, Dante and, of course, to my adored Cecilia for being light for my shadows and accomplice of my light”.

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For Warner Chappell, Juanes is a singer-songwriter who has always been committed to his values ​​as a songwriter (exploring the power of love, ties to family and country, personal perseverance, and peace versus violence).

Thanks to his ability to create “a truly unique sound that combines his passion for rock and pop with folk and native rhythms from Colombia and Latin America, last night’s admission was a well-deserved honor for the Latin artist.”

In closing, the new LSHOF member spoke personally about the vulnerability and sense of resolve that goes into creating an everlasting song:

“To Colombia adored, for being my eternal inspiration. There have really been countless people who have helped me get to this place, moment and time, and I would need a whole gala to mention them… so I hope and trust that you know who they are. Even when I didn’t believe in myself, there was always someone who told me: believe in yourself!”

Starting with “my beloved mother and father, who woke us up every morning with his tuned voice, as well as my sisters and brothers always telling me: Go ahead, keep trying! They were never lacking… nor are they lacking, on the other hand other people saying: “you’re not good enough”, or, as the Americans say, “you suck”.

“But the love for music has always been stronger than the fear of being judged. And the fear also disappears when I witness something beautiful: those letters that are born from my imagination and that have faces and experiences of their own, travel and transmute into millions of new beings… and become yours, everyone’s… they are no longer mine.

And it is that “being a composer is one of the most beautiful professions in the world, you can express yourself through words, adding, in addition, rhythm, melody and harmony, which only pure magic achieves. But at the same time, and because you are sensitive, you suffer more, you undress yourself to the world, you become vulnerable,” Juanes emphasized.

The New York Times describes the artist as “a man with a Colombian heart and mind… Juanes is the most important singer-songwriter in Latin America… a poet with soul and electric guitar.”

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