Judy Santos Surprise Appearance with Aventura at MetLife Stadium

Judy Santos’ voice sounded at the top of her lungs at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey as a special guest at the Aventura concert with Romeo, Henry, Max and Lenny Santos.

“I have no words to express the emotion I felt last night. The meeting with my brothers @aventura @romeosantos @lennysantoslive @ kingmax_21 @henrysantos !! All the” Santos “back together, work of God !! #yentonce #Aventura #Obsesion #metlifestadium #epic #wedidthat “he expressed through his social networks.

Judy Santos is the original voice of the hit Aventura bachata entitled “Obsesión”, a song that traveled the world and placed this musical genre and especially the group on another level and within the main artists.

“The unmistakable Judy Santos” was thus presented by Romeo in the full house presentation at Metlife Stadium as part of the tour of presentations that the Aventura group has been developing before the Pandemic and which it resumed in August in the city of Miami, passing through different stadiums with more than 50 thousand fans in each presentation.

Judy Santos maintains her musical career more active than ever thanks to her work with Recognize The Talent Management.

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