Judy Santos

While some of you may not know her name yet, her voice should come to no surprise if you are a fan of Bachata.  Remember the sensual female vocals on Aventura hits like Obsession, La Guerra, Angelito? Or Toby Love’s Tu Y Yo? Well that was none other than Judy Santos.

The Dominican songstress from Sleepy Hollow, NY returns to set her own mark as a solo Bachata artist. As a young musician, Judy drew inspiration from many powerful female artists. Artists like Mariah Carey, Ana Gabriel and Mary J. Blige shaped her musical taste that ultimately ended up in the mostly male-centric Bachata.

When you describe what separates Judy from both her male and female bachata counterparts you have to talk about her vocals, flow and style.  She says “Bachata is a male dominated genre and the fact that Obsession reached the heights that it did, that informed people that women can sing bachata.” With her latest project Judy Santos is out to prove just that. 

Her latest single “Tu Tienes Tu Vida,” produced by Chris Hierro, Juan C. Vargas and Judy herself, is based on the experiences of her own life, tells the story of two people who used to be together and run into each other by chance and reminisce. They reminisce about their time together and realize that their feelings for each other are there, but because of life circumstances they have to wait for their next lifetime to be together. What is left are memories and a special place in each other’s hearts. It’s these relatable emotions that always set greatness apart from the normal.  You can go through every emotion possible in one song and Tu Tienes Tu Vida is one of those records.

Her ultimate purpose in the music business is to entertain, inspire, affect and educate.  As Judy puts it “You have heard one side, now it’s time to listen to the female side of Bachata.” Look out for her debut full-length CD towards the end of 2016.

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