Kaleb Di Masi: “My reggaeton stage begins”

The Argentine singer will change the course of his music, leaving aside cumbia 420 for a new genre.

Kaleb Di Masi made an important announcement two days after releasing his new single, which will be titled “Red Label and Red Bull” and could change the course of his musical career.

“RED BULL AND RED LABEL 6/23 THIS THURSDAY STARTS MY REGGAETON STAGE. Remember this #1 trending theme,” Kaleb Di Masi wrote on his Instagram, accompanying the trailer for his new song, where it can already be heard, for the few seconds of video, as a song of the genre he is venturing into, after devoting himself to making up to this time RKT.


The expectations are high and it was demonstrated by the number of positive comments from his followers after this announcement, who are waiting to see what turn the artist’s music will take. Many were those who encouraged him, including Cazzu, who wrote to him: “What cute babies”.

It should be noted that Kaleb Di Masi has just released the remix of his single “Hace Calor” together with Omar Varela, a song that quickly positioned itself in musical trends, reaching four million views.

The Argentine singer surprised his father and gave him a car, which generated the emotion of the artist’s father, who was incredulous at the situation. The moment was recorded and published on social networks.

In the video, Kaleb Di Masi can be seen handing his father Leonardo a small box, warning him that he had a surprise for him. Then, the man finds the car key and goes to it, unable to hold back his tears at the gift of his son.

“ALL YOURS DAD I LOVE YOU. Thank you for being the best dad in the world, “wrote the Argentine artist in the post he made on Instagram.

I can’t believe it,” said Leonardo, Kaleb Di Masi’s father, who climbed up and tasted his gift. Meanwhile, the Argentine singer also indulged himself and bought a Ford Raptor truck.

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