“Karol G is a love” Alejo crush?

For the urban exponent Alejo the opportunity that Karol G gave to a rookie like him, few artists do.

Rubén Alejandro Estrada, the first name of the young man from Cagüeño, visited Medellín, Colombia, before Karol G agreed to record the single “Un viaje” with Jotaerre and Moffa. As soon as he learned of the Colombian star’s “yes” on a Wednesday in April, the next day, he told El Nuevo Día, Alejo was already on Colombian soil to produce the song. It was thanks to the Colombian artist Feid, he added, that he also had that first contact with Anuel AA’s ex-partner.

Feid called us and told us ‘Karol G said yes. They have to come to Colombia. I remember that we found out and we ran into the recording studio to make new chants, because it was Karol G, and then we ran to the airport. Karol G is a sweetheart and it was clear that he honestly is from the interviews he had seen of her. But what she did for us supporting some kids that no one knows, that is appreciated from a person like her. Now one understands how successful he is. She is a star. She is a genuine person, who she selflessly helps. We are really very grateful that other artists had not done it, “said the artist who will be part of the group of exponents who will perform this weekend at the” Coca-Cola Music Fest “in San Juan.

The event that marks the first anniversary of Coca-Cola Music Hall will be on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13. The musical party will bring together the artists Prince Royce, Cosculluela, Danny Ocean, Miky Woodz, Llane, Alejo, Lyanno, Eix, Cauty, Chris Andrew, RaiNao and Young Miko.

When Alejo met Karol G, he had only released his first single, entitled “Pantysito”, together with his friend Robi, who also stands out in the industry.

Newcomer Alejo began to make a name for himself on social networks in February of this year by spreading “Pantysito” on TikTok. Once he released the song on that platform – without having the name of the single – “he hit it hard” and began to make “noise in the urban genre.”

His first song surpassed one million views on the first day of its release on different digital platforms. It debuted at number seven globally and charted in Spotify’s “Top 50” in more than 20 countries.

“The ‘cool’ thing about this song is that it didn’t even have a name and it’s the people who gave it the name, and it was the people who made it viral. That’s why when I uploaded the video it went viral after two days and Feid, who is my favorite artist, also uploaded it. I thanked him for DMing and took advantage and sent him the song and track. He was mounted first, ”said the 18-year-old who since he was 14 he began to flirt with reggaeton and acting.

The new reggaeton player’s strategy for the collaboration “A trip” was the same as he did with his first single, he presented it first on social networks before his official departure.

Since April he has released the songs “Leave the mystery” with Lil Jou Jou, “Location” with Caleb Calloway and “Un poco” with Young Miko.

His second EP “Full Discoteka” was released last June and now he is about to release the remix of “Pantysito” with veteran artists Wisin, Yandel, Nicky Jam and Cosculluela. The new exponent belongs to the JUNGL label of the producer and industry veteran, Jaime Cosculluela.

“I am a new talent and I like to write my songs to show my talent and make myself known for it. I do not rule out that in the future another person will join in writing, but for now I have to show what I do, “said the young man, whose father is from Colombia.

Alejo belongs to the new strain of Puerto Rican urban exponents and his long-term goal is that “when reggaeton is talked about, my name will be in history.”

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