Karol G opens her heart to her fans.. My Dear Fans…

Karol G ended her Striped Love World Tour and praised her fans on social networks. Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend continues to consolidate her success around the world and has undoubtedly been crowned the greatest female representative of the urban genre.

Through her social networks, particularly using her Instagram account, Karol G thanked her fans extensively. During this tour, great and exciting moments were experienced, many of which were part of the show, and many others that were contributed by the public that attended each of the dates in which Anuel AA’s ex-girlfriend appeared.

“The truth is, summarizing everything I wanted to say in a caption is impossible… #$TreaPLoveTour ended the day before yesterday. The energy that she felt in each of the places I was in was huge, beautiful and SUPER POWERFUL. I could say that each of the people who live the experience every night, leave with a full, content, happy and motivated heart, including me! I lived these last two months in the most intense and conscious way that I have ever done… 33 shows between the United States and Canada, 33 SOLD OUTS shows?? and more than half a million people who enjoy together like never before, entire families, children, adults, old people?? EVERYONE dancing and enjoying life in the same place ”, began the long message of thanks from her Karol G.

“I have to say that I have the most beautiful audience, the one that sings the most, the one that dances the most, the ones that shout the most, the most special… I loved the costumes, the flowers, the little gifts, the signs, the times that they did not let me sing for yelling nice things at me, the times they made me cry with love and that they cried with me and the happiness that each one radiated in that place ”, was one of the mentions that Karol G made in her social media letter to her audience. She has been very close; even when an assistant to her show began her labor and brought her little baby into the world in full recital, Anuel AA’s ex-partner approached the hospital after finishing the concert to meet the newborn .

“Thank God for the conviction that he has always placed in my soul, to all the people who worked with me day and night to make this dream possible, to the artists who accompanied me during the tour and made the show shine even more with their presence and the incredible work team that lives with me day by day: We enjoy life as children but we work like machines and for that and more I LOVE YOU! (Thank you for going on stage to celebrate with me) ”, continues the letter of gratitude that Karol G published on her social networks.

Finally, in the last paragraph of her extensive letter dedicated to her public on her social networks, Karol G was once again grateful and excited about what the future holds for her: “I dedicate this to my little house Colombia! that is full of talent and people who work daily to get ahead and I am already crazy to see what the future holds for me, I am crazy to see them again enjoy it with me and ready to work tirelessly with an open heart to receive many more blessings! !”. The words of the former partner of Anuel AA ended with a forceful “I love you well”.

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