Karol G premieres the video for her new single ‘Gatúbela’

The blue was left far behind, the video of Gatúbela, in which Karol G shows off her new reddish hair, confirms it. In the images, the singer brings to light all the sensuality that she shows off.

Gatúbela, after all, is a song in which a woman tells a man who wanted to chase him: “I was crazy about trying you out, giving you little kisses, me. I wish you could stay, because that’s how I’m staying. I was crazy about hunt you down, make you rich. me”, he sings in a song that stays in the mind from the first audition.

And Karol G’s dance is in tune with the song and its feline title. In fact, it is one of the most daring dances that the singer has offered in her videos.

The single, the second success that the Colombian singer launches in 2020 (the first was Provenza), features the participation of rapper Maldy. “Without Maldy there is no perreo”, sings the guest to contrast the song, who at the same time greets “la bichota” with various compliments, within the song.

“This new production is a mixture of fresh rhythms with the traditional reggaeton and intense perreo of the Puerto Rican singer (Maldy) and the vocal power of Karol G, who has proven to be the most important female representative of the new generation globally. The result “It is a song that invites fans to immerse themselves in a world created by the original sound of this unique production. Gatúbela is now available on all digital music platforms,” ​​reported the Universal record company, in a statement.

The company added that this song represents the beginning of a new stage for this “multi-platinum” artist, cataloging it as an “artistic renaissance.”

Gatúbela’s video was recorded in Barcelona (Spain) and was produced by DJ Maff and directed by Pedro Artola.

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