Fans want to know the story of Karol G and Feid

While in other news the singer and ex of Karol G, Anuel AA, is exhausted by the rumors of the people as a result of the comments related to his relationship with Yailin, the most viral, the well-known Antioquian is indicated in the media agenda due to the recent assumptions created as a result of a publication in which he supported the vocalist Salomón Villada Hoyos, better known as Feid or el Ferxxo.

About three weeks ago, some users commented that Karol G and Feid had been dating for more than a year. The proof that was spread on the web was a bag that the singer-songwriter used after having released her most recent hit, ‘Gatúbela’, a collaboration that she made with the former member of the reggaeton group Plan B, the Puerto Rican Maldy. The garment was worn by Villada in 2021, so the comments did not take long to ensure that the pair of artists was dating.

In the last snapshots that the interpreter of ‘Provenza’ and ‘Tusa’ uploaded to Instastories, an Instagram tool to publish photos for 24 hours, she shared the image of Feid’s most recent production, ‘Happy Birthday FERXXO’, an album that was center of attention in recent days because he denounced that it had been hacked and had to advance its publication.

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In the stories of her official account, with more than 56 million followers, the paisa singer promoted the work of her colleague and commented “The Ferxxo album is already out.” Due to the emojis that she used and the emotion that she radiated, several users began to publish on different digital platforms that there is hope that there is a love relationship between the artists of the urban genre.

Karol G was excited by the release of the latest album by her colleague, Feid. Instagram:@karolg

It will not be the first or the last time that netizens distort reality, especially when neither of the two involved in the gossip have given any statement about a possible affair. It is clear that fans will continue to look for clues to verify that they have been together and that they will soon make the alleged romance official.

Feid’s album contains more than 10 songs, including the album that lives up to the album’s name. In recent hours, the composer of the urban genre shared with his followers a fragment of one of his songs and commented ” why is THE RICHEST THING ALWAYS prohibited? Who knows ??? ” Given his position and the video clip posted on Instagram, it is possible that new presumptions will be generated; however, for now the users have dedicated themselves to supporting him and writing to him that they hope to hear him live.

Ferxxo sings one of the songs from his latest album ‘Happy Birthday FERXXO’ in his car. Instagram: @feid

It is necessary to remember that less than a year ago ‘Friki’ was released, a collaboration between Feid and lLa Bichota. By December 2021 the single was already on Spotify. The production was a success and, evidently, due to the comment on YouTube in which the 30-year-old artist expressed “LA BIXXOTA y el FERXXO pal carro pa la disco pa la finca pa December pal perreoooooo”, the admirers and those who wish that the vocalists are holding hands, they elaborated hypotheses and started a history of rumors that, until now, has not ended.

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