“La Solar” festival returns with force to Medellín

One of the most important music festivals in the country returns with a line up of more than 50 national and international artists who will meet at the Parque Norte in Medellín on February 19.

Three hundred and thirty-four days have passed since the last time that music lovers were dancing under the light of La Solar, one of the most important festivals in the country, which has been held in Medellín for 8 years. The last night was February 15, 2020, the year in which the pandemic arrived and for which the parties and dancing stopped.

“We are happy to bring all the joy and music festival back to Medellín this February 19 at Parque Norte. After experiencing such hard times, with La Solar we want to celebrate life and that is why we bring a forceful and renewed line up that embodies the urban spirit of the city and the alternative electronic spectrum that characterizes Breakfast Club, where we continue betting on the new rhythms such as trap and neo-perreo in a poster that you will see for the first time in Medellín”, explained Frankie, creative director of Breakfast.

La Solar has brought more than 400 national and international artists throughout its more than 15 editions to Medellín.


Among its main artists, La Solar announces the participation of Rauw Alejandro, a leading artist who has made a name for himself breaking schemes and bringing influences from R&B and dancehall to the worlds of rap and reggaeton.

Feid, local talent nominated for a Latin Grammy who, after a long career as a composer, is positioned as one of the new urban leaders; and Tainy, a legend who has led a new wave of Latin music as the producer of some of the biggest hits in reggaeton history. As a special guest will be Ñengo Flow, an artist who has turned his songs into urban anthems that embody the best of the old and the new school.

As special guests will be: Aron, the project of the renowned Spanish actor Aron Piper; Álvaro Díaz, one of the new figures of urban music; Bad Milk, one of the promises of national urban music; Caleb Calloway, DJ and producer of greats like Rauw Alejandro; Channel Tres, American producer, vocalist and rapper; Gus Gus, a band that brings their deep synths from Iceland; Icon & Friends, a studio of local producers recognized for their work with great Latin American artists; The Djs Illyus & Barrientos from Spain; Martin Ikin from England; Kapla & Miky, the local reggaeton duo that is projected as one of the new promises of the genre; Loy, paisa talent that brings a reinterpretation of the urban genre; Marco Acevedo, local DJ of the electronic scene; Mariah Angeliq from Puerto Rico; Shiba San with her house set from France; Whomadewho, from Denmark and Yendry, also from the Dominican Republic.
Fulfilling the local quota of emerging artists, the festival will feature: Angelo Reeves, Bastidas, Brokix, Ciaga, Dany F, Dh Moon, Edgar Kerri, Eix, Happy Baby, Isabella Roldán, Kava, Machine, Mar, Mareana, Myguel, Nath, Nezzah, Nico Moreno, Nobeat, Obando, Philip Ariaz, Ricky Rich, Sara Ramírez, Steve Hills, V-OH and WTF Ronnie.

Commitments to caring for the planet

After a 2020 that generated reflection for the world, a 2022 arrives with changes, commitments and new beginnings, where sustainability and care for the environment will mark the present and the future.

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