Lasso and Sebastián Yatra present the video for the new version of “OJOS MARRONES

A few weeks ago, Lasso and Sebastián Yatra released the remix of “Ojos Marrones”, whose novelty is the variations in some instrumental arrangements, as well as the mix of voices of both singer-songwriters. Thanks to their status as Latin idols, this new version is following the successful path of the original, as today it holds the record of accumulating three consecutive weeks as #1 on Mexican radio.

Sebastián Yatra continues to rock, both alone and collaborating with other artists, and Ojos Marrones is an example of this. He and Lasso came together to create the remix of the Venezuelan original song. Other collaborations in which he has been immersed are Ulayeh with the Moroccan Noauamane Belaiach or Contigo with Pablo Alborán. Whatever the Colombian does, he ends up becoming a success.

After surprising us a month ago with the audio of the song, now the artists have given us a very special video clip full of love, complicity and music. This project began with a game where Lasso proposed to his followers that they create a new verse for this theme, since he had yet to do the remix of the song that has given him so much joy. To everyone’s surprise, Yatra did a duet with the video, participating in the challenge with his own lyrics.

After this, their relationship became more intense and they only needed three days to create a real hit. The remix is very similar to the original song, but changing one of its verses for the one that the Colombian had created: “The sun shines on the road and in the rearview mirror / images of you say that one love is overcome with another love / but I can’t see the color of the sea, I spend all my time looking at the sky, but it’s the same / she has the diamonds to look at, but her blue eyes are not your brown eyes”.

The lyrics of this single tell the story of a couple in which “nothing is the same”, since the girl’s eyes have changed and “are no longer brown”. Throughout the images we can see the two artists in a completely white room accompanied by a band and a woman who has broken their hearts. However, we can see the magic that arises when they look at each other and touch handsSaba with this girl, making it clear that love is not gone yet.

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