Latin Culture Celebrates 50 Years Of El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico

This year, the legendary Salsa music band El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico is celebrating 50 years of music. Since 1962, when the band was founded by the talented pianist Rafael Ithier, this Puerto Rican group has been producing some of the best sounds of Salsa. Thanks to the quality of its vocalists, original lyrics and solid brass sessions, El Gran Combo has gained a reputation as the University of Salsa.

El Gran Combo’s rich musical history has been enhanced by an outstading group of singers and musicians that include people like saxophonist Eddie Perez, percussionist Roberto Roena, and lead singers Andy Montanez, Jerry Rivas, Charlie Aponte and the legendary Pellin Rodriguez. The enormous repertoire produced by the band include hit songs such as “Azuquita Pa’l Cafe,” “Y No Hago Mas Na’,” “El Menu” and “Amame,” among many more.

If you are just getting into Salsa music, you need to listen to El Gran Combo. The musical production of this band, which has touched all the spectrum of Salsa sounds, includes a combination of Salsa dura hits as well as romantic songs. After half-century of producing amazing music, El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico continues to be the most popular Salsa band in the history of Latin music.

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